Published on 09 Mar 2018

​SCSE Innovation Lab Innovation Forum on Innovation and Academic Entrepreneurship (9 Mar 2018)

The process of technology commercialization from universities has changed dramatically in the last few years. To commercialize technology derived from the research has been gradually acknowledged as the great strategies for universities to improve society by creating social impact and wealth. Innovation and the closely related academic entrepreneurship is becoming part of the strategic mission of many universities. The creation and maintenance of a transformational and progressive entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university environment is essential to foster, support, develop, and commercialize new technologies.

I​t is against such an inspiring background that SCSE Innovation lab initiated the Innovation Forum on Innovation and Academic Entrepreneurship. Held on March 09, 2018, the Innovation Forum focused on the innovation programs and projects in acknowledged universities and institutions in Singapore, China, Taiwan, and the United States. Distinguished professors from academia and experienced experts in innovation industry gathered together to discuss on building a healthier and wealthier entrepreneurship ecosystem within university.

The invited guests include Dr. BI Qi, president of China Telecom Technology Innovation Centre, and CTO of China Telecom Research Institute; Prof. Russell Hsing, Fellow of the IEEE, British Computer Society and the SPIE; Chair Professor, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan); Prof. Jianwei Huang, Professor Director, the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Director, Network Communications and Economics Labs (NCEL); Prof. Qian Zhang, Chair Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Co-director, Huawei-HKUST Innovation Lab; Director, Digital Life Research Centre, HKUST; Steve Leonard, funding CEO, SGInnovate; David Toh, CTO of NTUitive, and Tay Wee Hwa Rick, Deputy Director of Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre. Assoc/Prof Wen Yonggang, the director of SCSE Innovation lab hosted the forum. The Innovation Forum well promoted the entrepreneurial programs under the SCSE, and potentially opened the more collaborations on academic entrepreneurship among regional universities.

From left to right: Prof Huang Jianwei, David Toh, Assoc/Prof Wen Yonggang, Dr. Bi Qi, Prof Zhang Qian, Steve Leonard, Prof Russel Hsing, Tay Wee Hwa Rick


Talks by Dr. Bi Qi, Prof Zhang Qian, Prof Russel Hsing, Prof Huang Jianwei (from up to down)


SCSE Lab visits

Professors at Innovation Lab (left to right: Prof Huang Jianwei, Prof Zhang Qian, Dr. Bi Qi, Prof Russel Hsing, Prof Chen Changwen, Assoc/Prof Wen Yonggang)