Published on 07 Dec 2021

SEP Team secures deal with ST Engineering in the process of developing AI tool (Dec 2021)

Linh AI has developed Graviton, an all-in-one data labeling tool with various functions to efficiently label images and point cloud data. These processed data will assist ST Engineering in developing Mobility-on-Demand-Vehicles (MODVs), including two 15-seater shuttles and two 20-seater autonomous minibuses.

Giang, the leader of Linh AI, believes in the potential of AI in solving complex problems and that Graviton will be able to help companies bring meaningful AI applications to life. The group also hopes to improve its capability in AI technology and improve its skills by joining competitions. Recently, they have made it to the finalist of SenzeSpark x NTUitive Technical Enabler Innovation Challenge 2021 and InnoCity 2021 - Vietnam Young Initiatives. They are also part of the Nvidia Inception Program, NTUitive incubator, and RP incubator.

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