Published on 11 Nov 2021

SEP Team Member won Honorary Award at Tencent Game Creation Challenge “Green Game Jam for Youth” Competition (Oct 2021)

Zhen Wei, a member of Innovation Lab SEP Team XRExperience participated at Tencent Game Creation Challenge “Green Game Jam for Youth” during the months from June-September 2021 and won the Honorary Award.

The global online competition saw submissions from more than 200 university students and teams across the globe.

Zhen Wei participated as Team Traveller as an individual participant.  He was one of the two teams from NTU shortlisted for the final round.  He created a game that aims to inspire and create awareness on urgent climate change issues. The game is targeted at the youth of today to inspire them to take action. “I’ve decided to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology for my original game, Traveller VR, to transport players into virtual worlds. In these immersive worlds, they are able to travel to places suffering from climate catastrophes and witness the effects of climate change authentically,” said lead developer Zhen Wei Lee. “I believe we all have a part in promoting climate awareness and encouraging climate action.”

More details about Zhen Wei’s achievement are available at and