Published on 02 Aug 2021

SCSE Innovation Lab held their first ever International Student Conference on Artificial Intelligence (STCAI 2021) (31 Jul 2021)

On 31st July 2021, SCSE Innovation Lab held their first ever International Student Conference on Artificial Intelligence (STCAI 2021). STCAI 2021 is designed to connect passionate young students with industry leading innovators, research pioneers and other like-minded students.

This conference aims to inspire new ideas, promote sharing of knowledge and build a network of connections for the advancement of AI.

For our first ever edition, STCAI 2021 presented the theme ‘AI for a Better World’.

Throughout the conference, students from top universities around the world including UC Berkeley, MIT and NTU have presented their outstanding papers on Artificial Intelligence.

In STCAI 2021, the committee had the privilege to invite several special guests to attend our conference. We would like to thank the following guests who are leading AI experts from various organisations for providing their insightful and informative presentations to the audience:

●     Dr. Michael Wooldridge: Professor and Head of Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford

●     Dr. Bo Li: Asst. Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

●     Dr. Xu Zhongwen: Principal Scientist at Sea AI Lab

●     Dr. Vanessa Evers: Director, NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH)

In addition, we would like to thank the following panelists and panel moderators who are leading industry professionals in their expertise who engaged in meaningful and thought provoking topics with the audience.

#1: Socio-Economic Unity Through AI

●     David Ho: Managing Director of APAC & InfoCepts

●     Naveen: Co-Founder and CEO at Diglog Fintech Startup

●     Ding Bosheng: PhD Student from NTU SCSE under Alibaba Talent Programme

●     Adithya Venkatadri Hulagadri: Student at SCSE (Panel Moderator)

#2: Getting Started with AI Start-Ups

●     Dr. Shafiq Joty: Asst. Prof at NTU, Senior Manager at Salesforce AI Research

●     Sean Seah: Lead Product Innovator, Next Products and Platforms, NCS

●     Katti Sudheendra Santash: CEO of Graphene Services

●     Dr. Sourav Sen Gupta: Professor at NTU (Panel Moderator)

We would also like to thank the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and Haozhi Cao, PhD student, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, for holding the Fundamentals of Deep Learning workshop.

At the end of the conference, the Best Paper awards and the Best Presenter award was presented to the participating student speakers by our guest of honour, Professor Miao Chunyan, Chair of the School of Computer Science and Engineering. 

We would like to congratulate all of the winners of STCAI 2021 and also thank all of the participants for their outstanding presentations!

Do check us out at and stay tuned for STCAI 2022!