Published on 31 Oct 2021

Startup podcast (Oct 2021)

Student engagement is a key aspect of our operations at the student-led incubator. As part of our expanding drive in bringing the most relevant entrepreneurial knowledge to students, the SCSE Innovation Lab has recently launched the Startup University podcast in the fall of 2021. This podcast brings forth the latest tech news that students ought to know and the in-and-outs of starting and running a start-up as a university student in Singapore.

The first episode was aired in the fall of 2021 where our main host, Bob, discussed about a couple of key issues and motivations for aspiring student-founders with one of the founding members of SCSE Innovation Lab, Lewis. As we work towards having more exciting guests and speakers to share key insights and unconventional wisdom in the near future, we hope that this will empower more students to action. The Startup University podcast can be streamed on Spotify.