Published on 08 Dec 2017

SCSE Innovation Lab "Fog Computing+" Workshop on 8 Dec 2017​

 "Fog Computing+", initiated by SCSE Innovation Lab was a half-day workshop dedicated to driving innovation and discussion in various aspects of fog computing. Sponsored by OpenFog Great China Region Committee, it gathered outstanding professors and scientific researchers from worldwide at School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University to present their research results, share visions and ideas, and discuss the opportunities and challenges of fog computing.

This event included four speeches by distinguished professors from Singapore, China, and USA, including Prof Yang Yang from Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof Nirwan Ansari from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Asst/Prof Rui Tan from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Prof Suresh Subramaniam from the George Washington University.

Fog Computing has recently attracted a lot of attentions from communication, computing and control communities. In the workshop, speakers gave introductions of a fog-enabled 5G/IoT R&D platform which applies SDN and NFV techniques to realize the key functions of a telecom operator according to the 3GPP standard on general CPU/GPU computing platform (Prof Yang), a Drone mounted with a micro Base Station (DBS) which has been developed to assist in provisioning mobile access and deployed in hotspots to relay flash crowd traffic from the nearby access nodes to the mobile users in the hotspots (Prof Ansari), a secure clock synchronization system which uses the sine voltage waveform of a utility power grid to synchronize network nodes connected to the same grid (Prof Tan), and MapReduce, a powerful paralleled processing paradigm that can optimizing the performance of deadline-sensitive jobs in cloud computing (Prof Subramaniam).