Published on 12 Sep 2018

Industry-NTU Dialogue: AI Research, Innovation and Talent (21 Sep 2018)

Organised by the SCSE Innovation Lab, the Industry-NTU Dialogue: AI Research, Innovation and Talent is a one-day event that brings together leaders from industry and academia to share their insights into the emerging trends of AI and its application to address real-world challenges. This session provides a great networking opportunity directly for undergraduates, graduate students, researchers and faculty members to engage with our speakers, exploring possible collaborations, internship opportunities or even potential hires! 

Our industry speakers include Acronis, Ernst & Young, Grab, Huawei, NVIDIA, Shopee, Taiger and Virtous Singapore:Speakers Profile.pdf. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to network and learn from the experts.

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Friday, 21st September 2018 

Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre (View map)
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication And Information (WKWSCI)
WKWSCI-01-LT1 31
Nanyang Link Singapore 637718

Nearest Bus Stops:
Bus stop opp Wee Kim Wee School of Communications & Information (S1) (63707)
Bus stop outside Wee Kim Wee School of Communications & Information (S1) (27231)

Nearest Carparks
Carpark P (Zone 2a), S1-B6
Carpark S (Zone 2a), S1-B6
Carpark RTP (Zone 1) 



​08:45 – 09:00Registration
​09:00 – 09:10​Opening Speech ​
​09:10 – 09:25​"​Deep Learning Based Vison Applications with Limited Labels", Prof. Cai Jianfei, NTU ​
​09:25 – 09:40​"​AI-enabled Design of Future Networks", Dr. Zhu Shengyu, Huawei ​
​09:40 – 09:55​"Information Extraction from Free Text: an Entity-Oriented Approach", Dr. Sun Aixin, NTU ​
​09:55 – 10:10​"NVIDIA AI Tech Centre Research Collaboration", Mr. Terry Yin, NVIDIA ​
​10:10 – 10:35Refreshment & Networking 
​10:35 – 10:50"Secured Machine Learning Engineering", Dr. Liu Yang , NTU ​
10:50 – 11:05"Data Management for Emerging Problems in Large Networks", Dr. Arijit Khan, NTU ​
​11:05 – 11:20"AI - The Next Digital Frontier", Dr. Sanjeev Solanki, Acronis ​
​11:20 – 11:35​"​Transfer Learning", Dr. Sinno Jialin Pan, NTU​ ​
​11:35 – 11:50​"From persuasion to strategic autonomy", Dr. Zinovi Rabinovich, NTU ​
11:50 – 12:05​"Applications of AI for Knowledge Work Automation(TM)"​, Mr. Rafael Ramos, Taiger ​
​12:05 – 13:00​Lunch & Networking
​13:00 – 13:15​"Multidimensional Data Collection under Local Differential Privacy with Applications to Machine Learning", Dr. Jun Zhao, NTU​ ​
​13:15 – 13:30"​EY Data Analytics (DnA) Practice and Opportunities", Dr Cao Hong, Ernst & Young ​
​13:30 – 13:45​"Learning Deep Networks for Visual Scene Understanding", Dr. Lin Guosheng, NTU ​
13.45 – 14:00​"​Deep Learning for Multi-Lingual and Multi-Modal Processing" , Dr. Joty Shafiq Rayhan, NTU ​
14:00 – 14:15"Sentiment Analysis with SenticNet", Dr. Erik Cambria, NTU
14:15 – 14:30​"Technology Talents in the Artificial Intelligence Industry", Ms Charis Lim, Taiger ​
​14:30 – 14:45"​Research in Noah’s Ark Lab", Dr. Zhu Shengyu, Huawei ​
​14:45 – 15:10​Refreshment & Networking
15:10 – 15:25​“Gap between ambitions and actions in AI”, Mr. Arbind Lochan, Grab ​
​15:25 – 15:40"Taking Video Games to the next step with AI at the new Virtuos R&D Center in Singapore", Mr. Cyril Labordrie, Virtuos Singapore ​
​15:40 – 15:55"​How AI fits into e-Commerce", Dr. Pan Yaozhang, Shopee ​
​15:55 – 16:10​ "​Acronis: Next Generation of Cyber-Protection Using AI and Blockchain", Dr. Sanjeev Solanki, Acronis ​
16:10 – 16:25​"NVIDIA AI Tech Centre AI Talent Training program", Mr. Terry Yin, NVIDIA ​
​16:25 – 16:35Project Demo By Students 
16:35 – 16:40​Closing Speech ​