​Life as a graduate student in HSS has been immensely fulfilling. Within an academic year, I have had the opportunity to present in two overseas conferences and symposiums, in the United Kingdom in 2015 and Japan in 2016. Through HSS, I got to interact with scholars from different intellectual backgrounds, exp​​lore new countries, gain new cultural perspectives. I am also currently collaborating with two other HSS student editors on a book, this is how you walk on the moon. It is an anthology of experimental fiction that taps on both emerging and ​experienced voices from people all around Singapore (and a few from elsewhere). I am grateful to HSS for all these opportunities to broaden my horizons, and to have surrounded me with passionate, dedicated professors and students, from whom I draw a good deal of strength and inspiration.”

Mr Wong Wen Pu, SoH (English), MA Research, Class of 2015