Having just graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I enrolled into the PhD programme in Psychology at NTU the very same year. Looking back, I am glad I took the plunge as the journey was an insightful one. The programme offered a lot of opportunities for students to pick up knowledge within and across specializations. Apart from the numerous psychology modules that were offered, I was able to take up cross-disciplines modules that are immensely helpful for generating new research perspectives. The mentorship provided by both my thesis supervisor – Prof. Qiu Lin – and other faculty members was also greatly appreciated. Committed to developing students’ potential, the faculty was always welcoming when I approached them with questions and novel research ideas. This created a nurturing environment where intellectual conversations could take place. Working closely with national stakeholders in Singapore, the programme connected me with governmental bodies through which I was given a chance to present my work and to speak at the 54th Annual American Polygraph Association Seminar and Workshop held in Orlando, Florida. It was an experience that I deeply value as the interesting discourse engaged in with practitioners and experts from the law enforcement and polygraph community (e.g., FBIs, polygraph examiners, etc.) has further shaped my research interests. Upon graduating, I have joined Temasek Laboratories @ NTU as a research scientist and is working on multiple projects related to credibility assessment. I feel very fortunate to have completed my doctoral studies at NTU and is always grateful for the support the program has provided me with.

Dr Joyce Sam Yan Ting, SSS (Psychology), PhD, Class of 2022