Published on 01 Jul 2020



The Graduate College Awards aim to recognise and reward outstanding graduating PhD and Master students for academic, collaborative and entrepreneurial achievements during their studies in NTU. They also recognise outstanding mentoring efforts of graduate students’ supervisors​

Research Excellence Award

Presented to graduate students who attained significant research achievements during
their studies at NTU. The award recognises original, creative and widely disseminated
student research with significant impacts on the field or society.


Graduate Mentoring Award

Presented to supervisors who have shown excellence and innovation in mentoring
graduate students. The award recognises supervisors who have demonstrated an
unusual commitment to nurture and motivate graduate students, and the ability to
foster their intellectual, creative, scholarly and professional growth


Interdisciplinary Research Award
Presented to graduate students who have engaged in outstanding inter-disciplinary or
trans-disciplinary projects. The award recognises individual or collaborative research
that integrate concepts or practices from multiple disciplines to solve problems whose
solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award

​Presented to graduate students who have shown commendable entrepreneurial
attitude. The award recognises graduate students who have demonstrated leadership,
initiative, passion and resilience to generate intellectual property and/or translate
research ideas from academia to industry, driving innovation and commercialization