Published on 11 Oct 2021

ASPIRE Forum 2021

Asian Science and Technology Pioneering Institutes of Research and Education (ASPIRE) Forum 2021 was hosted online by Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) from June 24-30, 2021. The theme for this year ASPIRE Forum 2021 is Better Living for All in a New Normal.

One of the main highlights is the ASPIRE Student Workshop 2021. The program comprised an orientation, lectures, group work, and a presentation session on the last day. A total of 22 students from ASPIRE League and its European counterpart, the IDEA League, with 4 postgraduates (Bhima Ashish- Master of Science (Computer Control & Automation) in EEE, Anagh Pal-Master of Mass Communication in WKWSCI, Manaswini Rangarajan-Master of Engineering in SCBE, and Koh Thean Chun-PhD in SCSE) from NTU, joined the Workshop and interacted via the platforms Zoom, Slack, and Miro. 

Through the lectures given and individual research background, participants were divided into four teams and worked on one of the following topics:

A) Propose super smart services and products (e.g. smart mobility, smart agriculture, etc.) realized by 5G and beyond.

B) Propose services and devices to prevent accidents caused by changes in mental and physical functions of children or the elderly.

C) Propose any biotechnology-based services and devices that you think we have to invent and develop in order for 100 people to live on the moon for a year.

On the last day of the Student Workshop, the student teams presented their group work, and their presentations were judged by the vice presidents and senior staff members. The Super Sci-fi Moonwalkers team, in which Manaswini Rangarajan was in, won the Best Group Presentation Award for their proposed system to recycle water on the moon.


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