Published on 27 Jul 2021

GAIN-NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Roundtable


In collaboration with NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Global Alliance of Industries @ NTU (GAIN) organised an inter-company roundtable to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to drive innovation and business growth.

Two separate sessions of the inter-company roundtable were organised due to strong interest from the participants (over 60 participants). The participants include a balanced mix of researchers from NTU as well as representatives from the industry. Participants were then treated to insights of how AI technologies can be used across various business applications by presentations from NTU researchers. This was followed by an exchange of pointers amongst the participants to think out of the box and discuss on ways push the boundaries of AI for different use-case scenarios.

Participants of GAIN-NVIDIA AI Roundtable in a virtual meeting on 2021-05-21
Participants of GAIN-NVIDIA AI Roundtable in a virtual meeting on 2021-05-28

By the end of the event, representatives from the companies and researchers from NTU were eager to continue the discussion with GAIN and NVIDIA AI Technology Center to explore possible collaboration on AI applications, making the event a success!

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