GAIN Benefits

One-Stop Solution for Industry

GAIN acts as a matchmaker for industry partners who are seeking research partnerships with the relevant NTU entities to expedite the information sharing process and provide guidance on all research aspects. 

NTU's collaborates with over 200 industry partners in a range of partnerships including Corporate Laboratories, Joint Centres, Research Institutes, and research projects.

Early Access

To state-of-the-art research advances, innovation and facilities​

Ideation Platform for Partnerships

Cross-company collaborations​


Matchmaking with relevant personnel for a one-stop solution

Disruptive Technologies

Create new opportunities and support R&D

Networking Opportunities

Through focused events, talks and workshops​

Liaison Opportunities

To schools, institutes​ and faculty​

Talent Pipeline

Attract, nurture and anchor NTU students, faculty and researchers​

Value-Added Solution

Multi-domain, inter-disciplinary projects

Funding Prospects

Advise on suitable, sustainable funding streams