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As part of NTU's initiative to develop deeper industry relations and facilitate greater research advancements, GAIN accelerates innovation and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations by connecting industry with NTU's robust ecosystem and state-of-the-art resources.

A Robust Ecosystem of Resources for Interdisciplinary & Translational Research

NTU is dedicated to advancing translational research that closely aligns with industry needs and demonstrates a strong commitment to driving research initiatives with an industry focus. To support its research and innovation initiatives, NTU has established an extensive network. The NTU Network encompasses 20 corporate/joint labs in collaboration with industry partners and 36 university-level research institutes. This network serves as a vital bridge, connecting over 250 industry partners with about 7,900 world-class faculty, researchers, and staff from 76 countries, all actively engaged at the forefront of pioneering research and innovation.

The unwavering commitment to research has earned NTU international recognition across a wide range of fields. According to the 2022-2023 Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report, NTU has achieved the top position worldwide in five subjects: Condensed Matter Physics, Energy and Fuels, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and Physical Chemistry. Additionally, it holds the second global position in Artificial Intelligence, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering.

This remarkable recognition is a testament to NTU's dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. NTU's intellectual properties are managed by NTUitive, NTU’s Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Company, which also plays a pivotal role in facilitating the commercialisation of research. Over the past three years (FY2020-2022), NTUitive has reviewed more than 1,500 new technology disclosures, secured 300 licenses, and spurred the creation of over 180 new startups and spinoffs.

These impressive achievements underscore NTU's commitment to translating cutting-edge research into real-world impacts and fostering economic growth.

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