Spaces and Facilities

NTU Library offer a variety of open and bookable spaces and facilities that cater to the studying and collaborative needs of the NTU community.

Open Seating Areas

All 7 libraries provide ample spaces for self-studying and discussion in the open areas that do not require reservations.

Quiet Zones

These special zones are dedicated for users who need to concentrate on their work or study and are available at Lee Wee Nam Library (Level 5), Business Library (Level B4) and Chinese Library (Reading Room). Discussions are not allowed in these Quiet Zones.



A dedicated wellbeing space at the Quiet Zone of Lee Wee Nam Library (Level 5) designed to encourage users to engage in reflection, contemplation and mental relaxation. HYGGE features the concept Fascinature, which combines elements of soft fascination and nature to facilitate mental rejuvenation.  It is a collaborative effort by NTU staff, alumni and students, with support by the University Wellbeing Office. Fascinature was officially opened on 8 September 2022 by Deputy President and Provost, Prof Ling San.

Hygge at NTU Library
Hygge at NTU Library

[email protected]

The newly launched enhanced Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Bookish and Experimental Research at the Art, Design and Media Library ([email protected]) features the following edtech-ready spaces and facilities to better support the School of ADM's interdisciplinary research and innovation needs.


Liber@ADM Library playground

Configurable collaboration zones with wellbeing features

Equipped with different lighting presets and modular furniture, The Playground offers users the flexibility to play around with the space and build the ideal classroom or collaborative workspace for teaching and learning. For user wellbeing, The Playground also features a circadian lighting system that automatically adjusts its brightness and colour temperature following the daylight cycle, allowing the human body to stay in tune with its natural circadian rhythm that regulates wakefulness and alertness.

Liber@ADM Library exhibition area AV Pod

AV pods

The new audio-visual pods are designed to function as a collaborative space for users to access visual media resources along with an open concept meeting room.

Liber@ADM Library exhibition area

Flexible showcases

The interactive exhibition space and versatile window displays host the School of ADM’s creative works by faculty and students.

Liber@ADM Library Temi

Temi the robot

A new service by NTU Library in the spirit of innovation, Temi the robot is the Library’s first-ever Smart Library Assistant. Temi’s capabilities include wayfinding, answering frequently asked questions, and video calling a NTU Librarian.

Collaborative Spaces (Bookable)

The following spaces for group discussion require reservation on LibFacilities prior to use. Accompanying equipment for each space may differ – read the description when booking on LibFacilities. 

 Lee Wee Nam LibraryBusiness LibraryArt, Design & Media Library
Collaboration Booths and Discussion Pods (for 2 or more users)23 pods (with attached TV screens or PCs)7 pods (with projectors) -
Soundproof Rooms
1 Recording Room
1 Video conferencing Room
1 Cinema Room1 AV Room
Audio-Visual Pods--3 AV Pods

Griffin pods at Lee Wee Nam Library.

Individual Study Spaces (Bookable)

The Business Library provide 19 rooms that can be reserved for individual study (14 Study Rooms and 5 Language Learning Rooms).


Exhibition Spaces

Most NTU libraries provide exhibition spaces to showcase the work of the NTU community for a specified period of time. Please submit exhibition space request or schedule a discussion with the Library using this form.

Spaces for Events, Filming and Photoshoots

For enquiries on use of Library spaces for events, filming and photoshoots, please contact the Library using this form.


Facilities for Members with Special Needs

Members with disabilities can request for assistance to access any libraries. Onsite facilities include:

  • Height-adjustable tables at Lee Wee Nam Library, Business Library and Chinese Library

Please adhere to the Use of Library Facilities and Information Resources policy when using library spaces and facilities.


All libraries (except Library Outpost) provide access to common PCs that can be logged in with a valid NTU network account. 

Equipment marked by asterisks (*) require advance booking on LibFacilities.

 Lee Wee Nam Library Art, Design & Media Library Business Library Chinese Library Communication & Information Library Humanities & Social Sciences Library Library Outpost
PC with single monitor 15 * Y -Y Y Y -
PC with dual monitor17 * - 18 * - - - -
PC with curved monitor4 * - - - - - -
Single monitor only (no PC)8 * - - - - - -
Bloomberg terminal- - 4 * - - - -
Wind Financial terminal---1 *---


The photocopying, printing and scanning facilities available at each library are:

 Lee Wee Nam Library Art, Design & Media Library Business Library Chinese Library Communication & Information Library Humanities & Social Sciences Library Library Outpost
Self-service photocopy and scan+print Y Y Y Y - Y Y
Network printing* (B/W) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Network printing* (Colour) Y Y Y Y - Y Y
Operator Assistance Y - - - - - -

* Print jobs can be sent to the release stations at printer locations using library PCs or from users’ computers by installing the printer drivers for Windows or Mac.

View information on pricing.

All reproduction and use of library materials must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act.