Multimedia and Interactive Computing Lab (MICL)


Multimedia and Interactive Computing Lab (MICL): MICL is a joint lab of two research groups: Computer Vision & Language (CVL) and Graphics & Interactive Computing (GIC). The CVL group aims to discover breakthroughs in automatic processing, analysis and synthesis of images, audio and video using intelligent computational systems, so as to be able to distill important high-level semantic information from such data. Research topics include deep learning frameworks for object / people detection, tracking, recognition, segmentation and prediction in images and video, 3D reconstruction of scenes and people, generative methods for image and video synthesis and inpainting, as well as speech & language processing. The GIC group conducts research addressing the interactions between humans, computers, and real & virtual worlds, from fundamental aspects to practical applications and from physical systems to software development. Research areas cover advanced computer graphics, reality computing, scientific/information/data visualization, animation and simulation, human computer interaction, game technologies, and augmented & virtual reality.