Cyber Security Lab (CSL)

Cyber Security Lab (CSL) is dedicated to pioneering advancements in techniques to enhance the security of high assurance systems and detect attacks across a range of platforms including IoT, mobile, autonomous vehicles, and general IT systems. Emphasizing the use of formal methods, program analysis, machine learning, and AI, CSL focuses on providing a solid foundation for system correctness. CSL's research interests encompass AI for Cybersecurity, Trustworthy AI, Secure Software Supply Chain, Builder-first Security Solutions for Web3, Smart Nation Threat Analytics, Automotive Software Security Analysis, and AV Security. Of particular note is CSL's groundbreaking Software Genome Project, which conceptualizes software source code as digital DNA, aimed at securely monitoring and leveraging open-source software to enhance cybersecurity. In collaboration with governmental agencies in Singapore, corporate partners, and renowned international academic institutions, CSL actively engages in projects to deliver effective solutions for creating a secure cyber space. Through its dynamic research initiatives and strategic partnerships, CSL endeavors to fortify the cyber landscape and ensure the highest levels of protection for all stakeholders.