Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option

With the University's move to broaden the students learning experience through re-designing and injecting greater breadth into the curriculum, we would like to encourage you to select and read broadening courses out of passion rather than the level of difficulty. With effect from AY 2005-06, the S/U Option Policy will allow students to declare up to 10% of their courses not to be included in the computation of cumulative GPA (CGPA). Students can exercise the S/U option anytime during the four-year course period.

SU Declaration
Mon, 4 March 2024 (9.30 a.m.)Tue, 14 May 2024 (11.59 p.m.)

  • The grades of the courses chosen will not count towards the GPA. The maximum AU allowed for the S/U option is 12 AU.
  • Only courses under GER-PE and UE are allowed.

This includes courses categorised into 3 sub-areas of studies relating to Art, Humanities & Social Sciences [ie. GER-PE(AHSS)]; Business & Management [ie. GER-PE(BM)]; and Science, Technology & Society [ie. GER-PE(STS)]. These areas represent the key fields of knowledge broadly relevant to all professions.

Each sub-area comprises a range of courses for flexibility of choices.
Examples are HP801 Mind Over Stress, EE8084 Cyber Security

These are courses chosen by students to broaden their learning experience. They are normally courses outside the main disciplinary study such as those offered by the General Studies Unit (GSU), Division of Chinese of HSS and the Schools.
Examples are GS05 Applied Psychology in the Workplace and CH04 Japanese Culture Through Chado.

List of available GER PEs and UEs can found here:

  • The option is not applicable to courses which are tied to Minor and Second Major programmes. Students who wish to pursue a Second Major or Minor cannot exercise the S/U Options for the courses under these programmes.
  • Only those who would like to exercise the option need to access the online system to do so. Those who (1) do not wish to exercise the option and those who (2) do not have any subject to opt for S/U, do not have to access the system.
  1. Can a student who gets a 'U' grade retake the course and will the 'U' grade be removed from his academic record if he passes it the second time?
    The student who obtains a 'U' grade for a course can retake the course. However, the 'U' grade that he gets for his first attempt will still remain in his academic record and will appear in the transcript issued by the University.

    Once a course has been placed under the S/U option, the repeat attempt(s) of the same course will also fall under the S/U option. However, the AU for the repeat attempt will not be counted towards the total number of AU allowed for S/U.

    However, if a student selects another course to replace the course that has been graded 'U', he is required to opt S/U again if he wishes to exercise S/U on the 'replacement' course.

    Similarly, once a course has NOT been placed under the S/U option, the repeat attempt(s) of the same course will also NOT fall under the S/U option.

  2. How will the S/U grade affect a student's CGPA?
    The 'S' or 'U' grade has no effect on the CGPA since it carries no grade point. The AU associated with a course with an 'S' grade will count towards the total number of AU required to be awarded a degree. On the other hand, a course with a 'U' grade earns no AU.

  3. Are Pass/Fail courses included in the S/U option?
    Pass/Fail (P/F) courses, including courses taken at the host universities during exchange programmes, are excluded from the S/U option.

  4. Can I amend my choices of S/U during the window period?
    Yes, you may do so within the stipulated window period for S/U declaration.

  5. Can I appeal to amend my S/U option?
    We regret that no request to opt for S/U or otherwise will be acceded to after the declaration period.

  6. Can students appeal for the course(s) that they have opted to take on S/U basis to be changed to graded basis (and vice versa) after the exercise for S/U option is over?
    The S/U option that they have/have not exercised for a course(s) is irrevocable.

  7. Can the S/U option apply retrospectively to course(s) that a student had already completed for letter grades?
    The S/U option does NOT apply to courses that count towards the requirements for second major or minor programmes.

  8. I am sure that I have opted for S/U grading for my course but I am given a letter-grade instead. The system fails to capture my declaration.
    The computer system is robust and has been reliable since the implementation of the S/U option in AY 2005-06. However, we view every feedback seriously and if there is any doubt, please produce your S/U confirmation slip for verification. The S/U confirmation slip for each student and course declared bears a unique transaction code. With this transaction code, our Centre for IT Services will conduct a thorough investigation.