The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the Ancient Chinese 领导学:中华古典智慧

The Art of Leadership Programme

Ancient Chinese philosophers and thinkers widely subscribed to the importance of good leadership. A review of the major Chinese schools of thought reveals great emphasis on the importance of wisdom and virtue in a good leader, as well as the belief that a good leader is built on a foundation of moral authority.

Designed using the principles of Activity-Based Learning (ABL), The Art of Leadership programme will help participants gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, and what it means to be a great leader through an integrated study of the classics and the philosophies of great thinkers such as Confucius (孔子), Mencius (孟子), and Laozi (老子).

Course Highlights
  • Eligible trainees enjoy 50% NSA subsidy, and use of SkillsFuture Credits (SFC)
  • Expand your network, connect with people from different backgrounds and professions who share the same interest in Chinese language and culture.
  • Qualified trainers with practical teaching experience.
    Course Objectives
    • Gain a broad insight on the China’s cultural evolution and history.
    • Learn about various Chinese classical leadership approaches (Humanistic, Bureaucratic and Naturalistic ways) in leading different types of people, organisations and situation.
    • Apply the ancient Chinese philosophies in contemporary leadership roles.
    • Identify key success factors in nurturing a strong or great leader.
    Course Structure

    2 lessons, 3.5 hours each, total 7 hours of training

    Course Outline
    Who Should Attend?
    • Executives from middle to senior management or anyone looking to hone their leadership skills.
    • Individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to conduct business in China or understand and apply leadership philosophies from ancient China.
    • Those who are interested in Chinese classics and philosophies – Confucius (孔子), Mencius (孟子), Laozi (老子), Zhuangzi (庄子), Liezi (列子), Xunzi (荀子) and Han Feizi (韩非子).
    Medium of Instruction


    Trainer's Profile

    Dr Sheh Seow Wah(佘绍华博士)is a Management Consultant, Research Consultant, Seminar and Conference Speaker, and Industry Trainer for several institutions for the past 20-25 years in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. His areas of specialisation include Chinese Classics, Chinese Family Business, Change Management and Research, and Leadership and Management.

    Pre-Entry Requirement
    • Minimum C6 in GCE 'O' Level English (or its equivalent) or;
    • More than 2 years of working experience.
    • Trainees will be awarded an  E-Certificate of Completion for fulfilling the following criteria:

    -   Achieved 100% attendance;
    -   Participate in post-course surveys.

    Course Schedule*
    JUN 2024 (Online)OCT 2024  (Online)DEC 2024  (Online)

    4 & 5 Jun
    Tue & Wed
    6.30pm - 10pm

    23 & 24 Oct
    Wed & Thu
    6.30pm - 10pm
    10 & 11 Dec
    Tue & Wed
    6.30pm - 10pm

    *The schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Interested applicants, please email or call to confirm the availability of intakes.

    Course Fees
    AOL Price List (EN) 20231227


    • New Trainees: There is a non-refundable registration fee of $65.40 (incl. 9% GST).
      Returning Trainees: Registration fee waived within one year from the end date of the latest course attended.
    • Complimentary course materials will be provided.
      ^     50% NSA Subsidy for Singapore Citizens aged ≥50 years.

    Customised Programme

    • This programme can be customised to individual or corporate needs.
    • Not eligible for government subsidies.
    Discount Schemes
    • 10% off course fee for NTU staff, student, alumni, and Alumni Club Members.
    • 10% off course fee for Singapore Permanent Residents / Foreigners aged ≥50 years.


    -        Proof of citizenship status or relevant documents are required for verification purposes.
    -        Applicants are eligible for ONE discount scheme at a time.
    -        Discounts may not be used in conjunction with NSA subsidy.

    Fee Support

    Eligible trainees may benefit from the following fee support, together with SkillsFuture Credits and UTAP, in payment of course fees (other fees to be self-funded).

    I) Fee Subsidy

    (a) 50% NSA Subsidy

    Eligibility Criteria:
    Singapore Citizens aged ≥50 years

    For more information, please visit, contact NSA hotline at 6478 5029, or email [email protected].

    II) Credit/Fund Usage

    (a) SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)
    Eligibility Criteria:
    ·     Singapore Citizens aged ≥25 years
    ·     Self-sponsored
    For more information, please visit , or contact SkillsFuture Singapore hotline at 6785 5785.
    (b) Union Trade Assistance Programme (UTAP)
    NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded* course fee support for up to $250 each year (or up to $500 for NTUC members aged 40 years and above).
    Eligibility Criteria:
    ·     Paid-up NTUC membership before course commencement, throughout the whole course’s duration, and at the point of claim.
    ·     Course must commence within the subsidy supported period.
    ·     Applicants must not be fully funded through company sponsorship or other types of funding.
    ·     Unfunded course fee must be $20 and above.
    ·     Achieve a minimum of 75% attendance.
    ·     UTAP application must be submitted within 6 months after course completion.
    * Unfunded course fee refers to the balance course fee payable after applicable government subsidy/credit/fund. This excludes GST, registration fees, miscellaneous fees, etc.

    For more information, please visit, or contact NTUC [email protected].

    Enrolment Procedure

    • Enrolment and payment must be completed 10 days before course commencement date.
    • Applicants are advised to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and understand the requirements before submitting the application. Submit the completed enrolment form to [email protected], or make an appointment to sign up in person at CI-NTU.
    • For company-sponsored applicants, the enrolment form must be signed by the approving authority and endorsed with the company stamp.
    • Upon receipt of enrolment form, applicants are required to make payment. Payment can be made via PayNow, Internet Banking, over the counter via Visa / MasterCard / NETS.
    • Applicants will be informed of the course status at least 5 days prior to the course commencement date. Applicants are to contact CI-NTU if they have not received the updates by the stipulated deadlines.

    Withdrawal & Refund Policy
    • Requests must be made in writing only. For company-sponsored trainees, the request must be signed off by the authorised representative of the company.
    • Registration Fee is non-refundable.
    • Refund is to be made to the trainee/sponsoring company (name as per Receipt/Invoice) only, unless stated otherwise.
    • Upon receipt of requests, all discounts and government fee support will be cancelled, CI-NTU will follow up in accordance with the below-mentioned policy. Please refer to Terms & Conditions in the enrolment form for details.


    Written Request for Withdrawal Received:Guidelines of Refund/Top-up
    More than 30 days before course commencement.CI-NTU to refund 100% of paid fee.
    15 to 30 days before course commencement.The applicant and CI-NTU to each bear 50% of the full course fee – a refund/top-up to be processed accordingly.
    Less than 15 days before course commencement.The applicant to pay CI-NTU 100% of the full course fee.

    Contact Details

    Contact Person Joyce / Eileen
    Tel 6514 1062 / 6592 2539
    Email [email protected]
    Fax 6779 7859
    Venue 11 Slim Barracks Rise (off North Buona Vista Road), NTU@one-north campus,
    Executive Centre, #08-01, Singapore 138664
    (Nearest MRT stations: Buona Vista & one-north)

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    本工作坊采用活动导向学习模式(Activity-Based Learning, ABL),通过对中国古代经典与孔子、孟子、 老子等重要思想家的综合研究,深化学员对中华文化的了解。


    • 符合条件的学员享有50% 的乐龄学苑津贴,还能用技能培训补助(SFC)。
    • 扩展人脉,结识来自不同领域及背景而又对中华语言与文化同样感兴趣者。
    • 资深、专业的师资阵容。


    • 加深对中国的文化发展和历史的了解。
    • 了解各种中国古典领导学(儒家、法家、道家等)如何运用于领导不同类型的人、机构与情况。
    • 将中国古典哲学应用于当代领导。
    • 培养出色领导的关键成功因素。





    • 中高层管理人员或任何希望提高领导能力的人士。
    • 希望在中国开展业务的企业家或任何想了解并应用中国古典领导哲学的人士。
    • 对中国古代经典和哲学感兴趣者 - 孔子、孟子、老子、庄子、列子、荀子和韩非子。






    • 新加坡剑桥普通教育证书(或同等学历证书)持有者,其普通水准英文成绩至少须考获C6;或
    • 超过两年工作经验。


    • 学员完成以下条件,将获颁本学院的结业证书:

      -    出席率达100%;
      -    完成课后反馈。


     2024年六月 (网课) 2024年十月 (网课)2024年十二月 (网课)

    4 & 5 日
    6.30pm - 10pm

    23 & 24 日
    6.30pm - 10pm
    10 & 11 日
    6.30pm - 10pm



    AOL fees 28122023

    • 新学员:附加报名费 $65.40 (含9%的消费税)。 报名费不予退款。
    • 课程费用包括教材。


    • 本课程提供量身定制服务。
    • 政府津贴不适用于量身定制课程。


    • 南洋理工大学职员、学生、校友、南大校友会俱乐部会员享有学费的10%优惠。
    • 50岁或以上的乐龄人士(新加坡永久居民、外国人)享有学费的10%优惠。

    -     须出示身份证明及相关证明文件。
    -     申请者只能使用一项优惠。
    -     优惠不可与NSA津贴并用。



    (a) 全国乐龄学苑(NSA)津贴
    • 享有 50% 的学费津贴。


    • 仅限50岁以上的新加坡公民。
    欲知更多详情,请浏览,或拨全国乐龄学苑热线6478 5029, 或电邮至 [email protected]



    (a) 技能培训补(SkillsFuture Credit, SFC)
    ·         政府发放首笔$500的补助金与不定期填补。
    ·         可用于补助获批课程的费用。
    ·      仅限25岁以上的新加坡公民。
    ·      仅限于自费人士。
    欲知更多详情,请浏览, 或拨精深技能发展局热线 6785 5785。
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    ·         职总会员可享有50%的非资助课程费用*津贴,每年以$250为限。
    ·         仅适用于指定课程。
    • 申请者在课程开课前、就读期间及申请UTAP时须为职总会员。
    • 培训机构所提供课程必须获UTAP支持,并于支持期间开课。
    • 申请援助的课程费用不应全额获得公司或其他津贴赞助。
    • 非资助课程费用须为$20以上。
    • 课堂出席率须达75%以上。
    • UTAP申请须于课程结束后的6个月内提交。
    * 非资助课程费用”指获得政府津贴后的学费余额,不包括消费税、报名费、杂费等
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    • 退学申请受理后,报名时所享有的学费折扣和政府津贴将一律失效,学院将按照相应比例处理退学和退款。欲知更多详情,请参阅报名表格里的条款。


    在开课日期的前15至30天内 申请者和学院各承担50%的全额学费。学院将按照比例处理相应的退款/追加学费事宜。



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    • 申请者将在开学的5天前收到确认通知。若在期限内未收到消息,请联系学院。


    负责人Joyce / Eileen
    电话号码 6514 1062 / 6592 2539
    电邮地址 [email protected]
    地址 11 Slim Barracks Rise (off North Buona Vista Road) NTU@one-north campus, Executive Centre, #08-01, Singapore 138664
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