Cultural Programmes 文化项目

CI-NTU Cultural and Institute Funds Programme offers a variety of interesting Chinese Cultural courses and workshops in the areas of Calligraphy & Arts, Music and Cultural, as well as Health & Wellness. 
Our interesting selection of programmes allow students to learn, experience and engage in the rich essence of the world's oldest cultures and traditions. 
Embracing the vision of bringing the Chinese language and Culture into the community, we hold frequent Cultural talks and seminars that are conducted by renowned scholars.
Immerse yourself in our cultural programmes, be enthralled by the wonders and beauty of the Chinese Culture.

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In Class With The Masters "名师学堂“ 文化课程

精品论坛讲座 Forums and Seminars

    • Virtual seminars in celebration of Lunar New Year 2021
    • Chinese Calligraphy & Spring Festival Couplets
    • Lecture Series On Chinese Language, Literature, History And Philosophy
    • Confucius Institute Day 2019

奖项与竞赛 Awards and Contests

    • Nanyang Chinese Literature Award
    • Nanyang Youth Chinese Literature Award

华乐器乐考级 Chinese Instrumental Grading Examinations




  1. ​成立一个受本地及海外学术和艺术学府所承认与肯定的考级制度。
  2. 设立一套统一的方针,以促进有系统的华族器乐训练。
  3. ​​推动本地及区域对华乐的欣赏与认识。

考级包括十七样乐器 - 古筝、二胡、笛子、扬琴、琵琶、阮、柳琴、高音笙、中音笙、高音唢呐、中音唢呐、葫芦丝、管子、大提琴、倍大提琴、打击乐以及古琴。​



考级报名日期: 2022年7月4日至9月30日
优惠价报名截止: 2022年9月9日
考期: 2022年12月1日至12月13日




询问电话:       ​​​​69700771 / 96488771

Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations

In partnership with The TENG Academy, the Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations 2022 is resuming live-examination format!

The main objectives of the Examinations are:

  1. To set up an examination system that will be recognised and accepted by academic and fine arts institutions in Singapore and abroad.
  2. To establish a coherent and consistent set of guidelines for facilitating systematic training of various Chinese musical instruments.
  3. To promote appreciation and education of Chinese music in Singapore and the region.

The Examination syllabus includes 17 instruments in the Chinese orchestra: Guzheng, Erhu, Dizi, Yangqin, Pipa, Ruan, Liuqin, Gaoyin Sheng, Zhongyin Sheng, Gaoyin Suona, Zhongyin Suona, Hulusi, Guanzi, Cello, Double Bass, Percussion and Guqin.

The Examination is divided into 8 grading levels (Grade 1 to Grade 8) and an Advanced Performance level.

Registration is open from 4 July 2022 to 30 September 2022. Register by 9 September 2022 to enjoy early-bird special rates!​

Registration Date: 4 July – 30 September 2022
Deadline for Early-bird Registration: 9 September 2022
Examination Date: 1 December – 13 December 2022

*In view of the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, the dates and procedures relating to the Examinations is subject to change.

They are open to all members of the public. Overseas candidates are also welcome to register!​

All enquiries and online Registration:

​Tel:         ​​​​69700771 / 96488771