Published on 06 Jan 2021

Congratulations to our Year 3 Civil Engineering team (Bob the Builder) for winning 1st Place at the International Concrete Competition - CIVILWEEK 2020.

From left: Dr Li Junxia, Goh Han Sheng, Natasha Khoo Shu Yein, Lai Han Ming, Assoc Prof En-Hua Yang

The theme of the competition is “Low cement Self-compacting concrete”. Participants were given a month to design a concrete mix that is low cement, environmentally friendly, high early strength, and low cost. The team, led by Assoc Prof En-Hua Yang and Dr Li Junxia, were able to develop a Self-Compacting Concrete that fit all the criteria by using Rice Husk Ash as the cement replacement. Eventually, they entered the final round where they delivered a comprehensive presentation to the judges.

“We decided to consult Prof Yang En-Hua and we are beyond grateful for his suggestions and advice. Our gratitude goes towards Dr Li Junxia as well for giving us valuable insights to cement mixing and giving us a foundation in the practical works of cement mixing. We are grateful that our hard work is rewarded with the 1st place in this competition. We learnt a lot about concrete mixing, teamwork and time management. - Goh Han Sheng, Lai Han Ming and Natasha Khoo”