Published on 23 Nov 2020

​Congratulations to our CEE Team "Why So CEErious" for winning the second prize at the NUS Built Environment Case Competition 2020!

The Built Environment sector have long remained stagnant and requires an innovative solution to increase its productivity. Our proposed solution is to industrialize 3D construction printing. 3D Construction Printing is a process where elements are made by extruding specialised concrete via a robotic arm. To work towards our vision, we took a small step by first introducing 3D printed formwork. These formworks are more efficient, sustainable, economical and flexible in design. Due to high initial investment cost, firms can be set up through public funding. Eventually, 3D construction printing will advance the industry towards a manufacturing-like system of mass production.

Koh Jun Wei

The experience turned out to be insightful as we were provided a platform to generate more innovative ideas into the construction sector. Moreover, the feedback from the industry leaders are valuable for me to understand the nature of this sector.

Tan Jie Ying

Thank you BECC which provides a platform for us to propose ideas for the future of the Built Environment sector. The industry needs a breakthrough both in mindset and technology. We hope 3D Construction Printing would become a stepping stone to bring in more automation into the industry.

Wennie Sia Su Siam

Throughout the whole journey in the competition, I gained a lot of knowledge and found that there are various kinds of problems faced in the built environment. Thank you to BECC for giving us this chance to get in touch towards the built environment sector.

Tan Pek Yeu

A great experience and opportunity to learn more about the Built Environment sector and the industry’s future needs.