Published on 07 Sep 2020

Congratulations to CEE Alumnus, Dr Chew Wei Ze Alvin for receiving the USD15,000 Azure Grant from Microsoft, for research in the effort to combat Covid-19

The Microsoft grant allows Alvin to engage in his own research for Covid-19, in the hope of contributing to the current community's efforts to combat Covid-19. In the research, Alvin is currently leveraging on deep learning models to predict the spatiotemporal growth rate of Covid-19 globally, since its inception in late Dec 2019, with big-data pertaining to environmental-social-governmental nexus .


  1. Correlating dynamic climate conditions and socioeconomic-governmental factors to spatiotemporal spread of COVID-19 via semantic segmentation deep learning analysis
  2. Hybrid deep learning of social media big data for predicting the evolution of COVID-19 transmission