Published on 20 Oct 2023

NBS Research Day 2023

The inaugural NBS Research Day featured insightful thought leadership, various research centres, and keynote speeches surrounding sustainability and emerging technologies.


NBS Research Day 2023 was held at the Gaia Auditorium on 22 September. Organised by the NBS Research & PhD Office, the event presented a series of engaging discussions and poster presentations led by NBS academics and students. Keynote speakers Dr Ofir Turel from the University of Melbourne and Dr Kai Li from the University of Columbia shared insights into the business implications of emerging technologies and stewarding sustainability transformations, respectively.

The inaugural event attracted about 140 participants, comprising faculty and students across NTU and ASEAN guests from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. The ASEAN guests were from partner universities: Ateneo de Manila University, Chulalongkorn University, De La Salle University, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Indonesia, Universiti Malaya and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

Dr Ofir Turel during his segment

NBS faculty presented their scholarly works during the paper presentations: 


  • A sustainable area-yield insurance program with optimal risk pooling: A behavior-based machine learning approach – Asst Prof Zhu Wenjun (BF)
  • Maturing Moral Market De-Hybridization Through Competing Voluntary Certifications – Asst Prof Han Nianchen (SIE)
  • From Air to Plate: Exploring the Effect of Air Quality on Organic Food Consumption – Asst Prof Li Xinlong (MKT)
  • Why Do Investment Companies Abandon Sustainability? – Asst Prof Yuxia Zou, Sarine (ACC)
  • Sustainable Geographical Indications – Asst Prof Althaf Marsoof (BL)
  • Business Model Design for Clean Technology Adoption: Applications to Solar Panels – Prof S Viswanathan (ITOM)
Business Implications of Emerging Technologies

  • It’s Complicated: Understanding Human-Machine Comparisons – Asst Prof Ben Choi (ITOM)
  • Return of the Movie Night? Analyzing the Impact of Netflix Subscriptions on Offline Movie – Asst Prof Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon (ITOM)
  • Fintech and banks as complements in microentrepreneurship – Asst Prof Siddharth Natarajan (SIE)

Open Category

  • The Geography of Corporate Fake News – Asst Prof Alper Darendeli (ACC)
  • To Err is Human: Field Experiment in Nudging Doctors Away from Drug Interactions – Asst Prof Vivek Choudhary (ITOM)
  • Managing Online Employer Reviews: An Impression Management Perspective – Assoc Prof Trevor Yu (LMO)
  • An Inventory Control Perspective on Panic Buying – Assoc Prof Geoffrey Chua (ITOM)
  • The gendered liability of venture novelty – Asst Prof Jack Zhang (LMO)
  • Seeing People: The selective attention of financial analysts in their research output – Asst Prof Zeng Yachang (ACC)

PhD students presented their works through creative posters to a panel of judges. Following this, four shortlisted students delivered concise pitches to the attendees, and the winners were selected through a democratic voting process:

First Place

Herding Behavior in NFT Auction: The Role of Visual Complexity and Familiarity – Xie Peiwen (MKT)

Second Place

Blaming Climate Change – Tan Jingdan (ACC)

Third Place

Deep or wide? The relationship between breadth of social impact objectives and philanthropic support on early-stage ventures – Cheung Sze Ting Jessie (SIE)

Environmental Policy Stringency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Liem Pei Fun (BF)

Participants pose for a group photo