Published on 15 Sep 2021

A Race to Remember

Into its 16th year, the annual event took place in Dunhuang China, where our 55-strong EMBA (China) programme alumni team completed the gruelling race successfully

The Gobi Desert Challenge 16th (Go16) – The Pilgrimage Journey of Xuanzang took place from 28 May to 2 June 2021. Participants were challenged to trek 121 km over 4 days and 3 nights in the Gobi Desert under extreme climate conditions. The event is an annual test of endurance and teamwork for top Asian business schools with Chinese Executive MBA programmes and this year’s event saw a total of 55 NTU EMBA (China) Programme alumni taking up the challenge. Our NTU team won the "Inheritance and Transcendence Award", as well as the "Shackleton Award” in this event.

This is the 14th year that Nanyang Gobi Friends Association (NGFA) participated in the prestigious Gobi Desert Challenge.


In addition, Wang Yongming and Jin Ge participated in the 22-Hour / 121-Kilometer "Self-supply, Uninterrupted, Self-navigation" A+ Competition, and stood out among 145 elite runners from different business schools to place 11th in the competition. Jin Ge also won 10th place in the Men's category with a total score of 16 hours and 27 seconds.

"Gobi Challenge has changed my life track and values and allowed me to meet a better version of myself. The race has also strengthened the spirit of NGFA members, reshaped our body, and more importantly, allowed us to develop genuine friendship,” says Yongming. He has attended training and race sessions at the Gobi Desert 16 consecutive times over the past 10 years.

In another highlight, all eight members of NTU’s Go16 Team-A finished in 10 Hours, 24 minutes, and 11 seconds through a concerted team effort, and placed 26th in the Go16 race.

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