Endorsement from Participants

Wei Jin_Accountancy

For the Inflammaré  Book Donation Drive, I donated some old books, about 12, that I had finished with. The process was smooth as I just had to drop them off at the collection point, and it helped my Orientation Group to gain some points, too. The drive  was a meaningful one because we got to give books to those from lower-income or less fortunate backgrounds. Books borrowed from a library have expiry dates, and thus having the books to themselves would be beneficial as they can read at their own pace and reread them if they want. 

- Wei Jin, Accountancy

I was both the group leader and participant of our Inflammaré Book Donation Drive. Overall, considering the circumstances and the limited planning time due to the whole COVID-19 situation, this year’s drive was very well-organised and meaningful. The items were donated to Gracehaven, a Salvation Army orphanage in Singapore. During this tough period, I was grateful to be able to contribute something back to society. I am sure the books and board games donated will be of great help and will cheer up the kids who need them more.

- Loke Jian Hao, Accountancy

Loke Jian Hao_Accountancy