Published on 31 May 2021

Leaving a trail of art across Singapore

Of the 14 art installations that appeared along Singapore’s Coast-to-Coast trail, four were by NTU alumni and faculty.

By Sean Shagaran

Decorating Singapore’s 36km Coast-to-Coast Trail from Jurong to Punggol, 14 eye-catching art installations popped up in nature parks across the island.

Featuring contributions from talented members of the OneNTU community, the text-based artworks were part of Rewritten: The World Ahead Of Us – a project by the National Arts Council’s Public Art Trust.

When A Tree Becomes A Forest - Ang Song Nian 

(Photo credit: Flyht Studio)


When a Tree Becomes a Forest by Ang Song Nian

Location: Jurong Lake Gardens

Created by NTU Art, Design and Media (ADM) lecturer Ang Song Nian, the artwork was a site-specific installation comprising 195 timber structures, each stylised to resemble the Chinese character “木”, which translates into wood or tree. A combination of man-made interventions and natural elements, the work demonstrated the intimate interdependency between Man and Nature. It symbolised collective strength and unity, and prompted audiences not to lose sight of the importance of the natural environments that surround them.

 Hey How Are You - Weimin Lai Yasira Yussof

(Photo credit: National Arts Council)

Hey, How Are You? by Weimin Lai

Location: Lower Seletar Reservoir Park & Luxus Hill Park

A typographic artwork created by ADM alumnus Weimin Lai (Class of 2018), Hey, How Are You? posed a simple question to audiences, in search of a deeper connection. Accompanied by thematic works from local writer and fellow NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) alumna Yasira Yusoff (Class of 2018), the installation served as a reminder to reach out and embrace our shared humanity.

BOND - Jerome Ng 

(Photo credit: Finbarr Fallon)


BOND by Jerome Ng and Zed Haan

Location: Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

A cross between a sculpture and pavilion, the installation set up by ADM alumnus Jerome Ng (Class of 2013) and his co-artist Zed Haan compelled audiences to examine how space, intimacy and interpersonal relationships have evolved during the global pandemic. Accompanying the artwork was a four-part poem reflecting on the themes of strength and solidarity, and how we make connections in our daily lives today.

 Every Seed - Hunny & Lummy (Quinn Lum)
(Photo credit: National Arts Council)

Every Seed Carries Within It The Dream & Blueprint Of The Whole by Hunny & Lummy

Location: Sengkang Riverside Park

An installation that drew inspiration from Singaporean author Alvin Pang’s What Gives Us Our Name, the work was a visual manifestation of the publication and its thoughtful messages. A collaborative effort between ADM alumnus Quinn Lum (Class of 2018) and his co-artist Hun Ming Kwang, who are jointly known as the duo Hunny & Lummy, the work featured seed pods with seats that offered visitors a space to recharge and reflect upon their own potential for growth.