Published on 30 Nov 2021

Congratulations to ADM Alumni Mary Bernadette Lee (Class of 2014)!

Congratulations to ADM Alumni Mary Bernadette Lee (Class of 2014) for her collaboration with French artist Guillaumit on a workshop done at the International French School where students wrote letters to their penpals at St Hilda's Primary School and the exchange led to mask creations used for AR play.

The workshop is a part of Mary and Guillaumit's artistic collaboration that mirrors the act of exchange of ideas and information between people from different backgrounds.

We are really proud of the community engaged practice of Mary and the work she continues to do!

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This programme was part of the National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood November 2021, supported by the Embassy of France in Singapore and Institut Francois, as part of vOilah! France Singapore Festival 2021.

💥 Special thanks to Teachers Marianne and Laetitia.

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