Check Out The Weeping Oyster exhibition

Jun 10, 2022, 10:22 AM
Title : Check Out The Weeping Oyster exhibition
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Published date : Jun 8, 2022, 00:00 AM
You are cordially invited to the exhibition opening, The Weeping Oyster on Saturday 11 June 2022 at 7pm. Exhibition will be from 11 – 19 June 2022
Presenting new works by ADM Year 3 Photography Majors,
Liu Aoyang, Noah Lee, Du Sansan, Izzati Faisal, Eunice Oh, Xu MeiCheng, Cheryl Yip, Janel Teo, Siti Nur Faisha, Marie Kwan
Details of the session are as follows:
Exhibition Opening Date: 11 June 2022, 7pm
Exhibition Tour: 12 June 2022, 3pm
Venue: Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, #02-21, S(108937)
Exhibition Duration: 11 – 19 June 2022
Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 12-8pm
Friday-Sunday: 11am-7pm
The Weeping Oyster, presents works through the lens of ten artists, which sensitively re-articulates lived experiences that are flawed and foible, to reveal the undercurrents beyond the apparent. The diverse observations and documentations examine different facets of life in relation to the self — the tension of: spaces within and between; culture and religion; human-to-object interaction and corporeal vulnerability. The works offer different ways of seeing, prodding us to re-examine the experiences we share.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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