Check Out ADM alumni Toby Tan's Stencil Workshop!

Jan 21, 2022, 22:25 PM
Title : Check Out ADM alumni Toby Tan's Stencil Workshop!
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Published date : Jan 8, 2022, 00:00 AM
Really excited that ADM alumni Toby Tan @tobyato (Class of 2019) will be organising a stencil workshop this 19 & 20 Feb as part of @esplanadesingapore Huayi Festival!
Do participate and support if you're interested!
Repost from @tobyato
As some of you might've already noticed, a lot of my work has been heavily inspired by Chinese motifs from my own roots. But sometimes there's only so much you can research online or on your own.
As part of @esplanadesingapore Huayi festival, I had the privilege to paint and engage in a conversation with veteran Chinese street opera backdrop painter, Mr Leong, and I asked so many questions like an over enthusiastic kid in kindergarten.
Our conversations will be distilled into a stencil workshop which I will be hosting on 19 & 20 Feb! I'll be sharing insights from our conversations, and creating some exclusive stencil designs that you guys will be able to stencil on tote bags during the workshop.
Slots are limited, so head on over to the Esplanade website’s workshop tab to join in!
Photos by @estellazarael & @thefloatingfolks
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