Published on 29 Mar 2021

Breaking down mental blocks with conversation

The Straits Times, Mental Health insert

Mr Loh Wei Liang, 24, and his teammates, Mr Poh Wei Tai, 25, Ms Stefanie Dana Oh Qiaorong, 22, and Ms Ong Yun Qi, 23, focused on mental health awareness among young boys for their final-year project. The four are students from the NTU’s WKWSCI.

Their campaign, called Dare to Share, includes a mental health e-kit that offers “healing” activities such as journaling, drawing and listening to music, as well as video interviews on Instagram with influential or prominent male figures in society. To encourage young boys to seek help when they are feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions, such as stress or anxiety, the students also included information such as helplines to mental health organisations and tips on how to approach the conversation about mental health with their peers.