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The Photonics Institute (TPI) is a world-leading centre in photonics technology which aims to establish a cradle of scholarship, research and innovation - making the transition from fundamental science to applied science.

Research focus

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Photonics Integration

Inter-chip Comms and Quantum Devices

Manufacturing with Light

Precision Engineering, Laser Processing


Surveillance, Sensing and Directed Energy


Ultra Broadband and Data Centre


LED lighting and New Light Sources

Advanced Nanophotonics Concepts 

Designer and Reconfigurable Materials, Nanolasers and Super-imaging


> 2500 publications (journal and conference). Browse through them here.

> 250 Faculty, Researchers and Students in the Photonics disciplinary.

We have local state-of-the-art Fibre Fabrication Facility and equipment across all our centres.

We have numerous links to esteemed entities such as Harvard, MIT, Boston Unversity, Imperial College London, Denmark University of Technology, and more.