Research Focus


Photonics Research Ecosystem



  • Fibre fabrication, such as multi-kW laser fibres, microstructured & holey fibres and nano-wire fibres.
  • New class of LED that can be engineered to emit at desired wavelengths for specific applications such as greenhouse lighting, fresh produce storage, light therapy and smart lighting.
  • Micro-optical sensors for environment and intelligent homes, and biomedical monitoring for personal healthcare. Fibre-based photonic systems for power generation and energy delivery.
  • Mid-IR photonics such as mid-IR fibre, mid-IR photodetectors based on III-IV and graphene used in sensing, imaging and communications applications.
  • Biophotonics technologies like micro/nano-imaging, intravascular optical microscopy, endomicroscopy for early cancer detection, fibre medicine, fibre biosensors, super-resolution microscopy and photo-acoustic imaging for the biomedical and healthcare industry.
  • Novel solutions for high-speed wireless indoor communication via visible light using LEDs.
  • Integrating fibre grating inscription on the fibre draw towers using ultra-fast laser technology.
  • Computational optics in digital holoscope, optical metrology, 3D measurement, imaging and display.


State-of-the-art facilities include:

  • Fibre drawing tower capable of silica, holey and soft glass fibre.
  • Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition system.
  • Preform index profiler for special fibre fabrication such as microstructured fibre, soft glass fibre for applications in fibre sensors and fibre lasers.
  • Fibre Bragg grating system, sputtering system, Cytoviva microscopy for photonics III-V materials, photonics nanostructure, mid-IR and THz photonics and optoelectronics applications.
  • MOCVD, Laser lift-off system, Integrating spheres for Lighting and Displays applications.
  • Near-field nanophotonics lab, quantum plasmonic lab, tranformation optics lab.
  • Optical design, laser manufacturing, precision machining and MEMS manufacturing.
  • Silicon and III-V material full fabrication and characterization facilities, for mid-IR Si-photonics devices and circuits.