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TPI Co-Directors

Co-Director - Tjin Swee Chuan 400x400

Professor Tjin Swee Chuan

Co-Director, The Photonics Institute
Tel: (+65) 6790 4845
Office: S2-B2c-82
Email: [email protected]
Co-Director - David N. Payne 400x400

Professor Sir David Payne

Co-Director, The Photonics Institute
Optoelectronics Research Centre
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 23 8059 3583
Email: [email protected]
Co-Director - Nikolay Zheludev 400x400

Professor Nikolay Zheludev

Co-Director, The Photonics Institute
Director, Centre for Disrptive Photonic Technologies
Tel: (+65) 6513 8493
Office: SPMS-PAP-03-02
Email: [email protected]

Centre Directors

Centre Director - Murukeshan 100x100

Assoc Prof Murukeshan Vadakke Matham

Deputy Director, The Photonics Institute
Director, Centre for Optical & Laser Engineering (COLE)
Tel: (+65) 6790 4200
Office: N3.2-02-75
Email: [email protected]
Centre Director - Cuong Dang 400x400

Asst Prof Cuong Dang (Steve)

Director, Centre for Opto-Electronics and Bio-photonics
Tel: (+65) 6790 4012
Office: S1-B1c-79
Email: [email protected]
Centre Director - Wei Lei 400x400

Assoc Prof Wei Lei

Director, Centre for Optical Fibre Technology
Tel: (+65) 6790 4512
Office: S1-B1c-78
Email: [email protected]
Centre Director - Hilmi Volkan Demir 400x400

​Professor Hilmi Volkan Demir

Director, Centre of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays
Tel: (+65) 6790 5395
Office: S2-B2c-100
Email: [email protected]
Centre Director - Ser Wee 400x400

Assoc Prof Ser Wee

Director, Centre for Bio-Devices and Bio-Informatics
Tel: (+65) 6790 4388
Office: S1-B1c-93
Email: [email protected]
Centre Director - Wang Hong 400x400

Assoc Prof Wang Hong

Principal Investigator, Silicon Photonics Programme
Tel: (+65) 6790 5400
Office: S1-B1c-94
Email: [email protected]