Published on 10 Oct 2021

Xi: Peaceful reunification in the interests of both China and Taiwan

The Sunday Times, page A12

Reunification with Taiwan "will be and can be realised" as China strides towards national rejuvenation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on the eve of the self-ruled island's national day. Peaceful reunification is in the best interests of both the mainland and Taiwan, he said in a televised speech on the 110th anniversary of the 1911 revolution. 

Asst Prof Dylan Loh, who studies Chinese foreign policy at NTU, said: "The key takeaway... is the clear emphasis on peaceful reunification and the absence of any threatening belligerent words indicating the use of force." He added: "Mr Xi's priority... is in ensuring a smooth party congress, especially if he seeks to extend his grip on power beyond the traditional 10 years.”

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Photo: Frolda on Unsplash