Published on 18 Oct 2021

Seven more nursing homes planned in next two years

The Straits Times, page A1

Plans are underway to build at least seven more nursing homes over the next two years in housing estates such as Tampines and Punggol. These are part of efforts to beef up Singapore’s eldercare support system in the face of a greying population, the Ministry of Health (MOH) told The Straits Times.

NTU sociology assistant professor Shannon Ang said the country’s long-term care infrastructure is playing catch-up in terms of quality, accessibility, and capacity. There is also the issue of an emerging demographic challenge, he noted. Said Prof Ang: “The old folks in nursing homes now are from the Pioneer Generation, born around the time of World War II. The next group who will need long-term care are the baby boomers, who are demographically quite different from the Pioneer Generation.

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Photo: Galen Crout on Unsplash