Published on 20 May 2023

Recycling in Singapore; Factors causing the rate of domestic recycling to drop

NTU expert comment - Berita Harian, 20 May, page 6 & 7

Experts have cited several factors contributing to the low recycling rate, such as insufficient infrastructure, improper recycling practices, and lack of social pressure. 

Associate Professor Md Saidul Islam, from NTU Sociology and the past coordinator of the Environment and Sustainability Research Cluster in the Asian School of the Environment, shared his views and the fact that waste management facilities are in the country's far corners, such as non-residential or industrial areas.

"This leads to a lack of information for consumers about their waste, as well as a lack of sense of empowerment because there are intermediaries who deal with waste disposal. Consumers are not held accountable for their waste because this responsibility is transferred to waste collectors," he said.

Looking at the declining domestic recycling rate, reporter Ms Natasha Mustafa could only wonder what the real obstacle is to managing waste properly. The knowledge of climate change, 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) is familiar. Assoc Prof Md Saidul Islam also gave his share to that where reducing consumption has been emphasised little compared to reuse and recycling. "Although green consumerism supports the replacement of disposable with reusable, it is not very effective," he said.

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