Published on 30 Aug 2022

You Jin’s Lecture “Reflections and Creations of Travel” Opens the “Self-Planting of Spiritual Roots: Singapore Chinese Culture Lecture Series” 纪要 | “灵根自植:新加坡中华文化”系列讲座第一讲 尤今《旅行的反思与创作》

By Huang Xiaoqian, PhD student of SoH 人文学院中文系博士生黄晓芊

On 12th August 2022, Madam You Jin’s lecture, “Reflections and Creations of Travel”, began the “Self-Planting of Spiritual Roots: Singapore Chinese Culture Lecture Series” organized by Department of Chinese, School of Humanities. This lecture was hosted by Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi, Head of Department of Chinese. The lecture was delivered simultaneously both live and on Singapore Eye’s Facebook, attracting over 110 people on site and near 7,000 views online.


You Jin_Lecture_1

Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi gave a speech 南洋理工大学中文系系主任曲景毅副教授致辞

At the beginning of the lecture, Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi, Head of Chinese Department, delivered a speech in which he expressed deep gratitude to Madam You Jin, Mr James Jit Teng Lim and their family’s generous donation to Chinese Department. He made the introduction to the lecture series’s title “Self-Planting of Spiritual Roots” which comes from a representative philosopher of New Confucianism, Tang Chun-i, which means these lectures will focus on the development of Chinese culture in Singapore. The series of lectures will be delivered by local Singaporean cultural celebrities including writers, painters, calligraphers, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc. These lectures are not only for teachers, students and staff in NTU, but also for the general public.


You Jin_Lecture_2

Madam You Jin delivered her lecture尤今老师正在演讲中


Madam You Jin shared her experience, photos and reflections on traveling. She regarded the composition of a travelogue as the combination of three elements-basic knowledge (past), field testimony (present) and active discovery (future) with the perspective of humanistic spirit, revealing special phenomena and inner aspects of the travel country. She shared her insights and thoughts on her travels to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Iran, Vietnam, the Philippines, Albania, Denmark, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Senegal, Guatemala and Zambia, reflecting on her detailed observation and in-depth reflection. In her opinion, the composition of the travelogue not only provokes common reflection, but also makes inner self develop and grow.


During the questioning session, students and teachers asked questions actively. Assoc Prof I Lo-fen from Department of Chinese asked Madam You Jin about the standard of choosing travel destination. Madam You Jin made a comparison between a relaxing vacation and travel, saying travel is a journey for an individual’s education and development. A student from Department of Chinese expressed her great admiration to Madam You Jin’s works and asked for keys of literary compositions. Madam You Jin pointed out that the “eye” and “ear” of the heart are important. Madam You Jin’s lecture was so interesting and profound that received an enthusiastic response from the audience.


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