Cherish People Afar”: An Introduction to “Macao Landscape” Discovered in Singapore

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In early 2017, the author came across a long-scroll (318 cm in length and 30 cm in height) entitled “Macao Landscape” at NUS Museum. This traditional Chinese painting, magnificent as it is, has never been mentioned in any previous works. Based on its theme, content, and artistic features, and compared with contemporary textual and cartographic sources, the author has come to conclude that this Chinese painting, though influenced by western art techniques, remains a traditional Chinese art work that highly likely was completed in the second of half of the eighteenth century. As the earliest and largest Chinese landscape and topographical painting devoted to Macao, the historical, cultural, and artistic significance of Macao Landscape deserves further research. 


2017年春,筆者在新加坡國立大學李光前博物館(The Lee Kong Chian Collection)發現了一幅清代澳門山水長卷,大小為30 x 318 釐米。此長卷未曾收錄於有關澳門地圖或繪畫的任何著錄,故筆者根據其主題、內容、繪畫特色,結合同時代的文獻和中西地圖與繪畫加以分析。筆者認為,此長卷是一初步受到西洋畫法影響的中國畫家所作的傳統山水畫作,創作時間約為乾隆中後期(十八世紀下半葉),是目前發現關於澳門地貌、風光和民居最宏大的中國山水畫和地志畫。和目前發現的所有中外繪製的澳門古地圖和繪畫相比,此卷氣勢恢宏,特點鮮明,具有不可比擬的歷史、文化和藝術價值,值得進一步的深入研究。

Bin Yang, professor of history at University of Macao. His publications include Between Winds and Clouds: the Making of Yunnan (2004 Gutenberg- E Prize,Columbia University Press,2008) and Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money: A Global History (Routledge, 2019, Chinese version in 2021).  He has published research articles in some prestigious international journals such as Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Journal of Women’s History, Journal of World History, The China Quarterly, American Historian Review, Modern Asian Studies and so on. With a wide interest in Chinese history, word history, maritime history, and history of science, technology and medicine, currently he is revising a book manuscript on maritime China & the Indian Ocean World, forthcoming in 2024 by Columbia University Press. 

杨斌,澳门大学历史系教授, 著有Between Winds and Clouds: the Making of Yunnan (2004年Gutenberg- E Prize,哥伦比亚大学出版社,2008年)以及Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money: A Global History (Routledge, 20189,中文版见《海贝与贝币:鲜为人知的全球史》,英文学术论文见于国际著名期刊 Bulletin of the History of MedicineJournal of Women’s HistoryJournal of World History The China QuarterlyAmerican Historian Review Modern Asian Studies,对中国史、世界史、海洋史、科技医疗史以及艺术史颇有兴趣。目前正在修改第三本英文书稿,内容是海洋中国与印度洋世界的互动,将于2024年哥伦比亚大学出版社出版。