Cambridge History of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Studies_2022-04-08
08 Apr 2022 03.00 PM - 04.30 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public
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Southeast Asian Studies

This is an in-person talk at the SHHK Auditorium.


Work is under way on a new edition of the Cambridge History of Southeast Asia to succeed the first edition edited by Nicholas Tarling and published in 1992. With three volumes and around ninety chapters, the new edition aims to be a major contribution to the Southeast Asian history field. But how can such a volume be put together and what can it achieve? Is there a place in the 21st century for the Cambridge History's ambition to be foundational for the coming three decades? How was the content decided and how does the enterprise take account of the widely divergent approaches that now mark the field? Join Robert Cribb, editor of volume three of the new edition (covering the period from 1800 to the present) to hear about the inner workings of the project and how it proposes to deal with these challenging questions.

About the Speaker:

Robert Cribb, based at The Australian National University, is currently George E. Bogaars Visiting Professor in the Department of History at the National University of Singapore. His research focuses on Indonesian history. He has written extensively on the history of violence in Southeast Asia and is currently working on an analysis of Japanese war crimes in the region during the Second World War. He has also written a number of works that aim to encompass the broad sweep of Indonesian history, including the Historical Dictionary of Indonesia and the Historical Atlas of Indonesia.