Master of Science Programmes


 Study Type Minimum Candidature  Maximum Candidature 
Part Time Study  2 years (4 semesters)  4 years (8 semesters) 
Full Time Study  1-2 years (2-4 semesters) 3 years (6 semesters) 


Each course (except Master project/Capstone project/IA) is a 3 AU course with 39 teaching hours over 13 weeks. 

Students are only allowed to register/drop courses online during the Registration Period. New matriculated students enrolling in the upcoming semester may only access the e-services (including Course Registration) after they have been matriculated and upon commencement of the registration period.

All registration of courses must be completed within the stipulated period, after which students will not be allowed to add or drop any courses. Please register your courses within the stipulated dates to avoid disappointment.

You can check the courses registered through the GSLink. You may add or drop courses during the Add/Drop period, within the first two weeks of the semester.

Course registration after the Add/Drop period will not be accepted.

All students are advised to check via their GSLink before the end of the Add/Drop period to ensure courses have been registered / de-registered correctly.

Do note that there is a maximum for course registration allowed per semester:
- Full-time students: Up to 5 courses (15 AUs)
- Part-time students: Up to 3 courses (9 AUs)

Also note that there is a minimum and maximum candidature.

If you wish to withdraw from any courses, you must submit your request to the school by the 10th week of the semester, otherwise a 'Fail' grade will be reflected in your transcript.

To write in, please fill in this form.


Two New E-learning Modules

At NTU, we strive to build a community of mutual respect and support for each other. Students should also uphold academic integrity as they embark on their holistic education journey with us.

The University has introduced two new e-learning modules for all graduate students by coursework.

“Fostering a Community of Respect” and “Academic Integrity”

Please complete both modules before the following dates:
Semester 1: 30 November
Semester 2: 30 April

All full-time PG(Coursework)(PGC) are expected to complete both modules, failing which their exam results will be withheld.


Each student is allowed to convert their status of study only ONCE. Once successfully converted to full time study, you cannot convert back to part time study or vice versa.

Students are required to register your calculator before the examinations.
Please register your calculators at  Dates for Registration of Calculators​.

Note: Students (full time or part time) need not register their calculators if they have previously registered and the seal of the calculator is intact.

Please refer to this link for rules governing the use of calculators at examinations.

Please refer to this link for the approved list of calculators. Please use only calculators that appear in the approved list. Calculators which do not appear in the approved list will not be registered.

The University will allow the use of approved graphic calculators with effect from S1 AY2006/2007 examinations. Please refer to the list above for the approved graphic calculator models. Students are responsible for clearing any information and/or programs stored in the graphic calculators before the examination.​

Total Graduation Requirement

Complete a total of 30 AUs

- Attain a minimum CGPA of 2.50 at the completion of the programme of study.

Satisfactory Academic Performance
In any term of study, a coursework student is considered to be making satisfactory progress if he attains a minimum TGPA of 2.50.

Poor Academic Performance, AW and FO
A coursework student with poor academic performance will be subject to the following actions:
1. Academic warning (AW) if TGPA or CGPA <2.50 in any term of study.
2. Termination of Candidature (FO) if TGPA <2.50 for the second consecutive term of study.

Course Content

*(Curriculum is subjected to changes. Not all courses will be offered each semester.) *

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Master of Science in Cyber Security

Master of Science in Data Science

Current Students-Jan 2023 intake and before (Inclusive of GST)

Singapore Citizen = 39,000

Singapore Permanent Resident = 46,500

International Student = 58,000 


From Aug 2023 intake and after (Exclusive of GST)

Singapore Citizen = 36,500

Singapore Permanent Resident = 43,500

International Student = 54,300 

  Sem 1Sem 2Sem 3Sem 4
Singapore Citizen

Current Full time

(Inclusive of GST)

Full time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)


Current Part time

(Inclusive of GST)

Part time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)

Singapore PR

Current Full time

(Inclusive of GST)

Full time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)


Current Part time

(Inclusive of GST)

Part time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)

International Student

Current Full time

(Inclusive of GST)

Full time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)


Current Part time

(Inclusive of GST)

Part time

From Aug 2023 intake onwards

(Exclusive of GST)


All tuition fees listed are in Singapore dollars (S$)

Note that the $5000 Acceptance Fee is a part of the total program fee. After the payment of this acceptance fee, it will be deducted from your first semester fee.

  1. Tuition fee ipayable each semester regardless of the number of courses registered that term.
  2. Tuition fee is payable even if the student did not register any courses that semester, unless the student has been approved for Leave of Absence (LOA) for that semester by the 2nd week of the academic term.
  3. Students who apply for LOA or withdraw two or more weeks after the semester commences shall be liable for tuition fees and miscellaneous fees due for the entire term.
  4. Fees listed are inclusive (for existing students) and exclusive (for Aug2023 intake onwards) of the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) ,

- From 1stJanuary 2023, GST will be increased to 8%
- From 1stJanuary 2024, GST will be increased to 9%.

  1. The University reserves the right to revise its fees every year without notice.
  2. For more information on other applicable fees, click here.

Please access payment services via One [email protected].


Leave of Absence (LOA) is taken when a candidate is unable to continue his studies for a short period of time. All applications for LOA are subject to the School’s approval. The candidate is allowed to continue his studies after the leave period.

Request for leave of absence must be submitted at least 7 working days in advance of leave. Reasons for application must be clearly indicated with relevant supporting documents attached.

Students who are not attending classes and not working on their project are advised to apply for leave of absence. Otherwise, they shall be liable for full tuition fees.

Students who are granted leave of absence after having attended lessons for more than 2 weeks of the term shall be liable for tuition fees for the entire term.

For each term of leave granted, the student will be liable for an administrative fee.

After the leave period, you are required to contact your Programme Administrator immediately.

The maximum period of LOA allow is (1) academic year for each application.

Note that LOA is counted towards your maximum candidature period.

Leave of Absence Form​

No. Staff/Office Programme Contact Details
1 Programme Administrator MSAI
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
2Student Wellbeing  Website
3 One Stop @ SAC  50 Nanyang Avenue NS3-01-03,
Academic Complex North Singapore 639798
Website ​


Graduate Student Link (GSLink)

he GSLink is the student intranet designed graduate students. You can do many things with your GSLink, including accessing the Course Registration System, viewing your student bill or updating your student information.

Learning Platform – NTULearn

NTULearn Blackboard is the learning platform used for courses in NTU. It provides a convenient interface for students to access their course sites and retrieve learning materials.

For information or assistance on NTULearn, please refer to

Student Intranet

You may access both links above via the Student Intranet page on NTU’s website. Please take some time to explore as it consists of important materials that will be useful to you, including information on academic calendar, financial or academic-related matters.

NTU Acceptable IT Usage Policy

This Acceptable IT Usage Policy serves to protect the University’s information and IT resources and minimises risks and damage to the University by governing the usage of all its IT resources, including computers and email accounts, mobile devices and IT systems.