Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance

Cert in AI Ethics and GovernanceCertificate in AI Ethics and Governance 
In Collaboration with Singapore Computer Society

The Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance, a joint certification between Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Computer Society, aims to recognise and certify professionals in AI Ethics and Governance. The certification course comprises 5 modules and examines the candidate's competence in FIVE areas of AI Ethics & Governance:

1) Body of Knowledge (BoK) for AI Ethics Governance
2) AI Ethics Governance Framework for Organisations
3) Ethics in Data Processing
4) Governance for AI Explainability
5) Business Liability and Ethics in AI Usage

Each modular course will be awarded one academic unit and comprised 13 hours of learning work per week. Participants who complete all 5 modules and pass a final exam-ination will be awarded the “Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance”.

This certification course is also incorporated into the prestigious NTU’s MiniMastersTM in Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics, which is designed to help professionals who wish to also acquire fundamental knowledge and understanding in AI and its various applications that complement the study of Ethical AI practices.

There are no *pre-requisites for professionals who would like to pursue the certification course.

For Who?
Professionals/managers/executives (PMEs) involved in AI implementation who would like to:
- Gain AI Ethics & Governance related skillsets
- Learn various frameworks and skills to develop and deploy AI in a responsible manner

Each modular course will be awarded one academic unit. Assessments will be conducted during the session and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed modular course is stackable to the NTU’s MiniMasters™ Certificate.

Upon completion of the certification course, participants will also have the options to consider pursing a graduate certificate or following the pathway to MiniMasters in AI and AI Ethics.

Become a SCS Member
SCS’ professional membership is compulsory requirement before taking the certification examination for AI Ethics and Governance.

Apply for Membership at https://www.scs.org.sg/membership and get certified now!

*No pre-requisites are needed to enroll in the individual modules, however participants without qualifications or working experience in relevant engineering or the related fields, may find the course contents challenging.

The annual course and examination schedule for the Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance had been set as follows:

Course CommencementExamination Schedule
June 202114 Aug 2021
Aug 2021Oct 2021
Oct 2021 Dec 2021/ Jan 2022

For the actual commencement dates of the course and registration of the course, please refer to the ​PACE Webpage.

The modular course fees for the Certification in AI Ethics and Governance is at $1,926 per module (inclusive of 7% GST) before Skills Future funding. The course fee payable after maximum funding is $217.80 per module. 

Course And Examination Fee
(Before SF S​Eries Funding)
Course And Examination Fee
(After Maximum Funding)*
*Subject to terms and conditions of SSG’ Skills Future Series Funding
For more details on funding, please visit the fee information page​. ^
^Please contact pace@ntu.edu.sg ​should you have any further application queries and funding related queries.

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