Published on 28 Mar 2021

CNA Documentary - Factories : Making the Future

3D printing of concrete in action













This special feature documentary explores innovative products designed and manufactured in Singapore, and how they would change our way of life. To gain further insight into the future of housing for Singapore, the filmmakers visited the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing to find out more about additive manufacturing for the Building & Construction industry.

The Building & Construction programme delves into different aspects of using 3D printing for building and construction, from formulating more sustainable concrete alternatives for 3D printing, to designing and printing large-scale concrete structures. Such manufacturing processes could potentially increase efficiency while reducing the need for manual labour.

The team is optimistic in pushing the research further, and has plans for curved walls and other full-length structures. 

Watch the full documentary.

Screengrabs via CNA's Factories: Making the Future


Media Report:

  • CNA, 28 March 2021