Final Year Project (FYP)

For ALL BS/ BSPY/ BSB/ BMS & 2nd major programmes under the School of Biological Sciences, a minimum CGPA of 4.50 plus at least an 'A-' grade for the Final Year Project (FYP), are required for the award of an Honours (Highest Distinction) degree.

FYP Important Deadline

  • Students must decide within the 1st 2 weeks of Year 3 Sem 2 if they want to do FYP in Year 4 Sem 1.
  • Students must decide within the 1st 2 weeks of Year 4 Sem 1 if they want to do FYP in Year 4 Sem 2.
  • Briefing in Jan for the May-Aug (BMS ​FYP) and Aug-Nov (BS/ABP FYP). Selection period in Mar for both.
  • Briefing in Jan for Bi-semestral FYP. Self-source of projects from Feb-Apr. 
  • Briefing in Aug for the Jan-Apr (BS FYP). Selection period is in Sep.

Starting from AY2022/23 Semester 1, BS and BSPY Year 4 students have the option to do Bi-semestral FYP (i.e. across 2 semesters) or 1 semester full-time FYP.

Eligibility for BS4021 Bi-Semestral FYP: All intake years for Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences (including all 2nd major) and Double Major in Biological Sciences and Psychology. 

Respective course code to be registered:

Students doing Bi-semestral FYP are allowed to take maximum 3 courses (equivalent of 9AU) in a semester.

Students going on overseas exchange in one of the final year semesters are not allowed to register for Bi-Semestral FYP.

Students under ABP track are not allowed to take Bi-semestral FYP. Students will have to drop their ABP track if they want to register for Bi-semestral FYP.

FYP Safety Course

FYP Report Submission

​​FYP report submission: You must upload the final version of your thesis via the Turnitin plagiarism checker on NTULearn.

  1. Submit a hardcopy of the thesis, along with a print-out of the Turnitin report, to your research supervisor.
  2. Submit two hardcopies of the thesis, 1 softcopy in a CD, along with a print-out of the Turnitin report to the SBS undergraduate office by the due date.

Finally, you must upload a softcopy of the final version of your thesis to the NTU Digital Repository for archiving with your supervisors permission:

  1. Go to the NTU Digital Repository site.
  2. Click on Login, and log in using your student network account (note: do not use your full email address, i.e., omit the part, and do not specify an NT domain name, i.e., omit the STUDENT\).
  3. Click on "Start a New Submission".
  4. Select School of Biological Sciences , and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the thesis.
  5. In case of problems, please send an email to [email protected]

Overseas Final Year Project (OFYP)

Students are allowed to do their FYP overseas. This must be arranged through a GEM programme, It will be up to you to contact a prospective supervisor at the host university, secure his/her agreement, and define an appropriate project.

  1. Eligible OFYP is allowed only in the NTU partner universities and with the prior approval from FYP coordinator. This must be arranged through GEM Explorer, and you will need to secure an exchange placement. Partner Universities' brochures are available via GEM Mobility Portal. You are advised to start your planning for OFYP early.
  2. Credit transfer from the host university for the FYP is not required – you will be registered for BS4020 in NTU if your OFYP is approved.
  3. OFYP report and presentation will be graded by SBS faculty, same as local FYP students, as well as the supervisor in the host university. It is up to you to ensure that this assessment is submitted on time, by stipulated deadline.
  4. You are expected to attend the FYP presentation session in Singapore at the end of OFYP. If you are unable to return to Singapore in time, justification should be provided and we will arrange a video link for your presentation. The online presentation is subject to the approval from FYP coordinator.
  5. OFYP is not applicable for Bi-Semestral FYP (BS4021).