Final Year Project (FYP)

For ALL BS/ BSPY/ BSB/ BMS & 2nd major programmes under the School of Biological Sciences, a minimum CGPA of 4.50 plus at least an 'A-' grade for the Final Year Project (FYP), are required for the award of an Honours (Highest Distinction) degree.

FYP Important Deadline

  • Students must decide within the 1st 2 weeks of Year 3 Sem 2 if they want to do FYP in Year 4 Sem 1.
  • Students must decide within the 1st 2 weeks of Year 4 Sem 1 if they want to do FYP in Year 4 Sem 2.
  • Briefing in Jan for the May-Aug (BMS ​FYP) and Aug-Nov (BS/ABP FYP). Selection period in Mar for both.
  • Briefing in Jan for Bi-semestral FYP. Self-source of projects from Feb-Apr. 
  • Briefing in Aug for the Jan-Apr (BS FYP). Selection period is in Sep.

Starting from AY2022/23 Semester 1, BS and BSPY Year 4 students have the option to do Bi-semestral FYP (i.e. across 2 semesters) or 1 semester full-time FYP.

Respective course code to be registered:

Students doing Bi-semestral FYP are allowed to take maximum 3 courses (equivalent of 9AU) in a semester.

Students going on overseas exchange in one of the final year semesters are not allowed to register for Bi-Semestral FYP.

Students under ABP track are not allowed to take Bi-semestral FYP. Students will have to drop  their ABP track if they want to register for Bi-semestral FYP.

FYP Safety Course

FYP Report Submissio​n

​​FYP report submission: You must upload the final version of your thesis via the Turnitin plagiarism checker on NTULearn.

  1. Submit a hardcopy of the thesis, along with a print-out of the Turnitin report, to your research supervisor.
  2. Submit two hardcopies of the thesis, 1 softcopy in a CD, along with a print-out of the Turnitin report to the SBS undergraduate office by the due date.

Finally, you must upload a softcopy of the final version of your thesis to the NTU Digital Repository for archiving with your supervisors permission:

  1. Go to the NTU Digital Repository site.
  2. Click on Login, and log in using your student network account (note: do not use your full email address, i.e., omit the part, and do not specify an NT domain name, i.e., omit the STUDENT\).
  3. Click on "Start a New Submission".
  4. Select School of Biological Sciences , and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the thesis.
  5. In case of problems, please send an email to