BS Curriculum AY2018 to AY2019

B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences

Curriculum and Course Descriptions AY2018 and AY2019 (including Direct Entry in AY2019 and AY2020)

Year 1 Semester 1CoreBS1001Introductory Biology3
CoreBS1002Biophysical Chemistry3
CoreBS1003Organic Chemistry3
Total AUs18

** Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-LA ‘HE9091 Principles of Economics’ (3AUs) in their first semester. Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-LA and register for other available GER-PE.

Year 1 Semester 2CoreBS1005Biochemistry I3
CoreBS1006Principles of Genetics3
CoreBS1007Molecular & Cell Biology I3
CoreBS1009Introduction to Computational Thinking3
CoreBS1100Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 13
GER-CoreGC0001Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze1
Total AUs16

Year 2 Semester 1CoreBS2001Physiology3
CoreBS2003Biochemistry II3
Major-PE-(From Table B)3
GER-CoreHW0128Scientific Communication I2
GER-CoreBS0004Introduction to Data Science3
GER-CoreML0003Kickstart your Career Success1
Total AUs18

Year 2 Semester 2Major-PE-(From Table A)6
CoreBS4223Professional Career Development1
GER-CoreHW0228Scientific Communication II2
GER-CoreHY0001Ethics and Moral Reasoning^1
GER-CoreBS0005One Health^^3
Total AUs19

^^ Students from AY2018 intake who have read and completed BS0001 Biology and Society (as GER-Core) before AY2019 Sem 2 are NOT required to read BS0005 One Health.

Year 3 Semester 1CoreBS4224Professional Internship11
Total AUs11

Year 3 Semester 2Major-PE-(From Table A)9
GER-CoreET0001Entrepreneurship and Innovation^1
Total AUs19

Year 4 Semester 1Major-PE-(From Table B)12
Total AUs18

Year 4 Semester 2Major-PE- BS4020 - Final Year Project**
(From Table A)
Total AUs12

^ Online courses

* The above curriculum is based on a 4 year B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Science programme.

** For BS CNYang students, please refer CY4111 Overseas Final Year Project (OFYP) course content via the link provided.

Note: For Direct Entry to Year 2 students (AY2019 intake and onwards), you are to read BS1009 (Core) and GC0001 (GER-Core) in Year 2 sem 2.

Table A

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Table B

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# Major PE which is conducted during the 1-week term break or during the 2 weeks before the term starts.

^^ BS1101 and BS2103 are considered as ONE Major PE.

++ Recommended Major PE which is conducted during the inter-semestral break. Completion of BS9001 will allow you to do one less Major PE in any of the future semesters. Registration of BS9001 will be done by the School. It is a pass/fail course.


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Note: BS students (without any 2nd major specialization) can only take it as UE (BMS students are barred).

NTU reserves all rights to make changes to the programme structure with prior notice.​​​​​​​​​