SBS Aims and Learning Outcomes

SBS Aims
We aim to provide students with a high quality university education and training in the life sciences. Graduates from its undergraduate B.Sc.(Honours) course as well as from its graduate research programmes are expected to fill the rapidly increasing demand for a talent pool of high-quality workforce and researchers for the life sciences industry.
The field of life sciences has been widely acknowledged as the next major technological revolution after the Internet. New knowledge and discoveries generated as a result of genome and molecular biology research will have major impact on the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, healthcare, food and nutrition, people and the environment.

SBS Learning Outcomes
After completing a degree in the School of Biological Sciences, graduates will be able to:
  1. Recognize the relationship and complexity between structure and function of all forms of life at the molecular, cellular and organism level, resulting from an academically rigorous in-depth understanding of biological concepts.
  2. Critically evaluate and analyze biological information by applying the knowledge, scientific methods and technical skills associated with the discipline.
  3. Develop and communicate biological ideas and concepts relevant in everyday life for the benefit of society.
  4. Acquire transferable and entrepreneurial skills for career development
  5. Develop communication, creative and critical thinking skills for life-long learning
  6. Develop codes of social responsibility and scientific ethics, particularly in relation to biological advancement and applications​