Dean's 20th Anniversary Message

Simon Redfern, CoS Dean_lower res

First, let me say “Happy Birthday SBS”. Here, in Singapore, at twenty years the school might be regarded as a minor, only reaching its age of majority next year. But within the fast-paced transformation of NTU, and especially within the context of the youthful College of Science, it could be said that the School of Biological Sciences is an “old timer” – an established pioneer and pathfinder in the development of science within NTU. It is a testament to the vision of the first founders, those pioneer establishers, that the school has forged such a successful path in so short a time. Not only have the faculty, staff and students built a strong reputation for SBS in undergraduate and postgraduate education and training, through a number of unique and important programmes, the school has accelerated in positioning itself as a leading player in the global research landscape. Understanding biological systems and processes is key to so many of the challenges faced by Singapore, and by the wider world, today. The recent development of research visions and strategies within the university and within the national funding landscape, that we have seen take shape over the last couple of years, demonstrates the potential for a host of exciting roles that SBS will likely have in building understanding, solutions and opportunities to serve both the scientific community and society more broadly for the coming decades. I am delighted to share your celebration and marking of your first twenty years, and look forward to the continued successes that will surely characterise its continued development – pioneers always!

Prof. Simon Redfern

Dean, College of Science

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