Published on 08 Aug 2023

Exciting News from i-CREATe 2023 Thailand! Renewing our Shared Commitment

i-CREATe 2023

RRIS is thrilled to share some incredible highlights from the recently concluded i-CREATe 2023 event that took place in Thailand from August 8th to 11th. This event hosted by Thailand’s National Science & Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), brought together visionary minds, innovative technologies, and collaborative spirits all under one roof.

🤝 Highlight 1) Signing of MOA - A Collective Leap Forward

A pivotal moment during i-CREATe 2023 was the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that embodies the spirit of unity and progress. This MOA involves a group of dedicated organisations in Asia and across the globe, committed to the field of assistive rehabilitation. Our collaboration paves the way for new joint projects, networking, and the facilitation of ongoing research & development.

🎙 Highlight 2) Keynote Address by Assoc. Prof Ang: Data-driven Assistive Robotics
One of the most impactful moments at i-CREATe 2023 was the enlightening keynote speech delivered by Assoc. Prof Ang Wei Tech, the esteemed Executive Director of RRIS. One significant challenge faced by assistive robotics is catering to the unique needs of every individual, as each disability presents a distinct set of requirements. Prof Ang emphasised the importance of the Human-Robot Interface (HRI) that is not only intelligent and intuitive, but also safe for collaborative tasks involving humans. The talk delved into the ongoing R&D efforts to create a range of assistive robots & software, each designed with a user-centric, intelligent HRI to cater to a diverse spectrum of ability levels.
Stay tuned for more updates and breakthroughs as we continue to chart new frontiers in the realm of assistive rehabilitation!