Faculty Principal Investigator: Professor Chen I-Ming


Adaptation of a Task-Oriented Agile Workcell (Taping)

The process of taping (covering objects with masking tapes) before conducting surface treatments (such as plasma spraying and painting) is tedious and arduous. [read more...]

Automatic Robot System for Indoor High Rise Spray Painting

Traditional high ceiling painting is manually done by means of ladders or hydraulic lifts. [read more...]

Robot Application Development and Operating Environment

This project aims to develop RADOE: Robot Application Development and Operating Environment. RADOE is an open source software that allows easy, convenient and interactive access to controlling industrial robots. [read more...]

Faculty Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Domenico Campolo​


Refinement & Clinical Evaluation of the H-Man: A Novel, Portable and Inexpensive Planar Robot for Arm Rehabilitation after Stroke

The primary objective of the project is to investigate, design and develop a low cost solution for neuro-rehabilitation of sensorimotor functions. [read more...]

Robotic Finishing Platform

Assessing human skills in surface finishing is important to understand the significance of force-sensing. [read more...]

Faculty Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Pham Quang Cuong​​​ 


Intelligent Perception and Dexterous Manipulation for Fine Robotic Assembly

Fine assembly tasks (e.g. in the electronics, shoes, food industries) are still out of the reach of today’s industrial robots. [read more...]

Motion Planning for Industrial and Service Robots

As time of task execution is a determining factor in industrial productivity, planned motions need to be fast and dynamically feasible. [read more...]

Faculty Principal Investigator: Professor Phee Soo Jay, Louis​ 


Development and Evaluation of Novel Mechatronic Tracheostomy Tube for Automated Tracheal Suctioning

Mechanical ventilation is required to aid patients with breathing difficulty. Currently, nurses spend millions of man-hours periodically removing mucosal secretions by inserting a tracheostomy tube... [read more...]

Magnetically Actuated Ingestible Weight Management Capsule

Intragastric balloons have been developed to induce satiety in patients, leading to weight loss. However, insertion and removal procedures are still relatively complicated, which discourages their use. [read more...]

Faculty Principal Investigator: Professor Low Kin Huat 


Motion Planning for Task Manipulation and Handling

This project focuses on autonomy and flexibility in task manipulation when handling small objects (in centimeter scale). [read more...]

Faculty Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Seet Gim Lee, Gerald 

Interface for Human-Robot Interaction​

Efficient industrial robot’s detection, identification, tracking and programming by hand-pointing demonstration can be solved by integrating multiple sensory modalities such as haptic input... [read more...]


Faculty Principal Investigator: Professor Chen I-Ming

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Faculty Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Domenico Campolo​  

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Faculty Principal InvestigatorAssociate Professor Xie Ming

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