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“We are attempting to educate students today so that they will be ready to solve future problems that have not yet been identified using technologies not yet invented based on scientific knowledge not yet discovered” -J.J. Lagowski

IDE Academy believes that all children should have invented at least once, better yet twice, during their school careers.  Students learn to solve real world problems through STEMIE® invention and entrepreneurship program to prepare them for the future workforce. They develop the habits of an inventor, the mindset and spirit of an entrepreneur – the 21st century skills!

This 3-days course prepares school educators to conduct the STEMIE® invention curriculum.  It teaches the STEMIE® 7-step framework which recognizes STEM core subject matter in combination with invention and entrepreneurship learning.    There is no prior technical, engineering or startup skills required.  During the course, educators will experience the journey from innovator to entrepreneur, engage in hands-on activities to make connections using simple STEM concepts to become confident STEMIE®  invention educators.

At the end of the course, educators will be able to:

1. Connect STEM foundational skills with invention education to develop a strong problem solving mindset.
2. Apply the 7 steps of STEMIE® invention process. 
3. Teach and engage students of diverse abilities with the localised STEMIE® curriculum. 
4. Introduce and develop mindset and spirit of entrepreneurship to students.
5. Experience the journey from inventor to entrepreneur.

Day 1: STEMIE® Invention Process

1. Why teach invention education to children?
    a) Understand the goals and philosophy of STEMIE®.
    b) Learn the differences between Making, Coding and Invention Movements.
2. Learn and apply the 7 Stages of STEMIE® invention
    a) Learn the value of re-engineering in innovation
    b) Use SCAMPER as a tool for brainstorming and ideation.
    c)  Identify the steps in STEMIE® invention
3. What are the habits of an innovator?
4.  Identify the importance of an invention log
    a) What is the purpose of an invention log?
    b)  How to organize your invention log?

Day 2: Conduct STEMIE® curriculum

1. Introducing STEMIE® into your school
    a) How to organize the school program
    b) How to setup the classroom for invention education
2. Introducing the STEMIE® lesson plans
    a) Understand the format and contents of the STEMIE lesson plans
    b) Objectives of facilitator notes in lesson plans
    c)  Making connections with core subject matter
3. Planning your lessons
    a) How to facilitate STEMIE® lessons?
    b) Classroom Management tips
    c) Select appropriate activities for learners
4. Conducting your lessons
    a) Watch a demonstration of a STEMIE® lesson
    b) Prepare your lesson plans
    c) Conduct a lesson
    d) Making connections with core STEM subjects

Day 3: From innovator to entrepreneur

1. Understand the importance of entrepreneurship for inventors
    a) Learn how an inventor is firstly an entrepreneur.       
2. What are the underlying principles of entrepreneurship?
    a) Identify the spirit and mindset of the entrepreneurial inventor    
3. Educators, embark on the journey from invention to entrepreneur
    a) Using simple STEM concepts, take on the role of an entrepreneurial inventor.
4. Conducting STEMIE® lesson plans on entrepreneurship  

Teachers and Trainers who would appreciate and apply entrepreneurship and innovation concepts at their workplace.

Standard Course Fee: S$1,944.00

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Ms Jacqueline Phillips

Ms Jacqueline Rachel Phillips

Jacqueline Phillips, an adjunct lecturer with Republic Polytechnic is an accomplished Master trainer in STEM and Design Thinking.  With a passion for empowering the next generation of innovators, Jacqueline shares her expertise and enthusiasm for problem identification, framing and problem-solving methodologies with children and youths both attending schools in Singapore as well as homeschoolers. 

With a keen eye for nurturing young talents, Jacqueline has been serving as a respected judge at the Invention Convention Nationals and Globals Invention Conventions for the past three years.  She is currently one of a three-panel of overseas judges who decides on final awards for young talents participating in the Singapore Invention Convention annually. 

Driven by her belief in the power of STEM and design thinking to shape a better world, Jacqueline continuously explores new ways to engage learners and bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Whether in the classroom, during competitions, or in training sessions, she strives to instill in her students a strong sense of curiosity and the confidence to pursue their ideas fearlessly.

Jacqueline started her career as a Programme Consultant with Outward Bound Singapore for 6 years before spending time in social work, teaching, training and lecturing in MOE schools and Republic Polytechnic where she has been teaching students and educators over the past 12 years.

Nancy Soon

Ms Nancy Soon

Nancy Soon, a software engineer turned technopreneur has been in the education industry for over 21 years. A STEMIE® Train-the Trainer instructor and facilitator, Nancy co-founded IDE Academy which is Singapore’s sole affiliate of STEMIE® program from The Henry Ford Museum(THF).  She is currently a member of THF affiliate advisory committee and a judge at both Singapore, China and U.S. events. 

Nancy believes in laying the foundation to critical thinking, invention education and communication skills during every child’s school career. She conducts workshops for educators on invention education and entrepreneurship, continues to mentor and guides them in their facilitation of the program in their schools and centres. Over the past 21 years, Nancy has taught and trained more than 6,000 students and at least 500 teachers in Australia, America, China, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.   

Nancy holds a Bachelors of Science in Liberal Arts from the U.S., a Diploma in Training and Development from UK and other professional certificates – STEMIE® Certified Trainer, NFTE, ACTA, Computing, Child psychology and Helen O’Grady Master Trainer in Communications.